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Becoming a mountain biker is not just about having the right bike. You also need to have the right equipment so you can stay safe and comfortable as well as perform better on your rides.

These also give you the confidence needed so you can easily traverse difficult trails without getting off your bike. And most of the time, you need to go beyond your usual budget to ensure the best possible experience.

What equipment do I need to mountain bike?


The helmet is the most important mountain bike gear aside from having a multi-tool or repair kit because this protects your head against impacts, knowing that the trails are unpredictable and anything can happen to you.

Make it a habit to wear a helmet every time you ride your bike so that you’ll always stay 

One of the best mountain bike helmets out there is the Troy Lee Designs A2, a trail helmet that provides enough ventilation and sufficient protection on your head without breaking your bank.

This is also one of the lightest trail helmets with an adjustable visor for light conditions in the market that has the same level of durability as full-face helmets.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are a piece of essential gear equipment if you are into enduro and downhill mountain biking.

These protect your knees against nasty bruises, scrapes, and even broken bones, especially since the knees are the first body part that hits the ground when you fall on rough terrain.

The POC Joint VPD 2.0 is a highly recommendable enduro-specific knee pad that can be worn by mountain bikers both on casual rides and races. Simply slip them onto your knees and you got yourself covered with more protection on your next ride.

You also don’t have to worry about pedaling because they’re very flexible. You can buy these at your nearby local bike shop.


Gloves are a must-have for mountain biking because these provide grip on your hands so you can properly hold on your bars.

This improves maneuverability and makes your ride safer because you’re less likely to slip off the bars if you have sweaty hands.

This also protects your hands in case you accidentally touch your disc brakes after a ride. It also makes it easier for you to reach to your first aid kit inside your hip pack because of its superior grip.

Wear them by fitting them on your hands and closing the Velcro straps underneath.

We highly recommend Fox Racing Ranger as these full-finger gloves have a breathable layer made possible by its interior gel material.


There’s a good chance you’ll have dust and other particles enter your eyes especially if you’re out on muddy and dusty trails.

Wearing eyewear such as sunglasses or goggles can help avoid this problem. Sunglasses are ideal for cross-country, road cycling, and trail biking.

However, we recommend goggles such as the Fox Racing Sand if you’re into enduro and downhill riding. Simply strap them on top of your helmet and you’re good to go.


You can’t ride your bike properly if you aren’t wearing proper mountain biking shoes. These are specifically designed to grip correctly on your pedal. So you can easily ride your way through various terrains. You can even slip tire levers on the side of your shoes or pedal sides.

You can choose clipless pedals shoes if you’re riding cross-country. However, you can go for flat pedals shoes with a stiff sole like the Five Ten Freerider if you want more versatility and flexibility on enduro and downhill trails on your full suspension bike.

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