Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain biking is fun and enjoyable. No doubt about that! But you also need to think about safety if you really want to make the most out of this sport. The most common way to ensure a safe ride is to wear a helmet. But what many people fail to consider is wearing gloves.

Some might think that it’s too warm to wear when you’re sweating. Or maybe they just think it’s unnecessary. Well, that’s where they got it wrong!

Mountain bike gloves are very important because they protect your hands from getting scratches or being wounded if you fall from your bike. Take note that the first body parts that contact the ground are your hands and knees. This is why it’s vital that you wear knee pads, and most importantly, gloves. Aside from that, gloves also prevent your hands from slipping off from your grips, thus making your ride safer even if you go through very rough trails.

But it’s confusing to choose which mountain bike gloves to get knowing that there’s a truckload of them in the market.

That’s what this article is about because here, we’ll show you the best mountain bike gloves 2021 to make your ride safer, more comfortable, and help you go faster on the trails.

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Giro DND

Giro DND Mens Mountain Cycling Gloves - Black (2021), Large

Giro is a top brand when it comes to mountain bike gear, with their Giro DND dominating the gloves market. This model product is ideal for enduro and trail riding who have sweaty hands and who want maximum protection on their hands, thanks to its full coverage.

It is made from 4-way breathable mesh that’s stretchable to create a more comfortable fit. It also has reinforced fingertips that can absorb impact if you fall. It even has EVA crash pads that are 2 mm thick to provide extra cushion upon impact.

This provides additional knuckle protection ideal for winter cycling gloves or winter mtb gloves. Its material is also very light which makes this one of the most comfortable gloves, as well as being a very versatile glove.

Another feature that makes these MTB gloves stand out is its Super Fit design made possible by its AX Suede synthetic leather palm. These get rid of bunching and weird grip. It’s also easy to wear because it has a pull-on closure made from clarino synthetic.


  • It is very comfortable to wear because of its breathable fabric.
  • It provides great protection as there are no holes or openings that expose the skin.


  • It’s not the best-looking glove product because of its very simple design. The other colorways also look too fancy.
  • It feels too warm if you wear it for a long time.

Troy Lee Designs Air

Troy Lee Designs Air Glove - Men's Stars and Stripes Red/Blue, L

Troy Lee Design is best known for its stylish mountain bike gears with striking designs and looks. That includes their mountain bike gloves line, specifically, the Troy Lee Designs Air.

The company claims that these are heavily researched and are meticulously designed and tested before going through mass production. This makes it a great choice if you want to have breathable mountain bike gloves, light, or if you want to look cool and in trend.

It features a single-layer palm structure that has mapped laser holes for maximum breathability. This is further supported by the micro-mesh material that improves ventilation and makes it cooler when worn.

You’ll also find sonic welded TPRs for added support and a silicone screen print on the tip of the pointer fingers. This provides grip and prevents slipping when you use the brake. There are also 31 design options to choose from.


  • This is one of the best-looking mountain bike gloves you’ll find in the market. You also have a lot of design options to choose from.
  • It is very breathable on your hands because it has a lot of holes and ventilation. The fabric is also thin.


  • It’s not the most durable gloves out there because of its thin fabric material.
  • The price is also a bit high for its quality.

100% Brisker

100% BRISKER Cold Weather Motocross & Mountain Bike Gloves - Warm Winter MTB & MX Powersport Racing Protective Gear (L - Black/Grey)

100% is another top brand when it comes to mountain bike gear. Take for example the 100% Brisker, their flagship glove line that features a low-profile design.

It’s the best choice if you’re riding in cold weather because of its thick fabric material and fully enclosed design. These winter gloves allow it to provide great insulation capabilities that block out moisture from forming on your hands.

The Brisker features an adjustable TPR wrist enclosure that easily hooks up and ensures a proper fit. The top hand also has a lightly insulated soft shell that warms your hands in cold conditions.

Its interior material is also made from microfiber that wicks out water. And the best thing about it is you can use your phone even if you’re wearing this, thanks to the integrated tech thread fabric.


  • It provides great protection against impacts because of the thick fabric and padding.
  • You’ll have a better hold on your grips because it’s not slippery.


  • This is best used in cold temperatures. These winter gloves are too warm to wear in warm climates.
  • The design options don’t look very nice.

Dakine Cross

Dakine Cross is a top pick for mountain bikers who want to get maximum protection from their gloves. This one comes with very thick padding and fabric material that protects your hands from hard crashes and impacts.

Its palm is made from AX Suede Deuce material that works great with silicone-coated fingers. This delivers a very secure grip and accurate brake feel. This has premium foam paddings inside as well that dissipates vibrations when you ride through rough trails.

But what makes this one of the best products out there in the market are the neoprene knuckles that protect your hands from bruises if you crash or hit something. The back area is made from a four-way stretch polyester that improves breathability and flexibility.


  • It gives you a very firm grip on your bars even if it has thick palm padding.
  • The knuckle protection and thick padding protect the back and front of your hands and palm against hard crashes and falls.


  • The designs are a bit off as they’re not that stylish. They’re more on the rugged side.
  • Your hands will sweat a lot if you wear this for a long time.

Troy Lee Designs Ace

Troy Lee Designs Mens | Trail | XC | Mountain Bike | Ace 2.0 Glove (Black, 2X)

Troy Lee Designs doesn’t run out of design ideas when it comes to mountain biking gears, as you can see with the Troy Lee Designs Ace. This is one of the best mountain bike gloves out there because of its simplicity and functionality.

It has a pull-on closure system that makes it easy to wear and remove, much like the other products out there. The material is made from 50% synthetic leather with the remaining being elastane, polyester, and polyurethane. This material inclusion includes the middle fingers, of course.

You also just have to slip it into your hands to wear it, which makes this very convenient. This is a great choice if you want a low-profile glove that works well for enduro, downhill, and even cross country riding, making this one of the best mtb gloves.

And it’s very light as it only weighs 1 ounce, which is also the reason why it always gets a star rating. There are eight design options to choose from, with the colorways ranging from black, blue, yellow, red, and gray.


  • It is very lightweight, giving you a good feel of the bars. This improves maneuverability while making your hands feel comfortable.
  • The fabric is thin and breathable. Cool air can easily reach your backhands and fingers.


  • It’s not that durable because it lacks added fingers paddings and thickness.
  • The price is also a bit too much. That isn’t surprising, though, because it’s made by Troy Lee Designs.

Fox Racing Ranger

Fox is another contender to the top mountain bike gear products. Many even consider this as a direct contender to Troy Lee Designs’ domination in the niche.

Introducing the Fox Racing Ranger gloves which is one of the brand’s three glove lines and is undoubtedly one of the best mtb gloves in this list. This focuses both on breathability and protection, while the other two focus on each of the two areas. This makes it a nice choice if you don’t want to compromise safety and comfort. It features a hook and loop velcro wrist closure for better fit and grip just like the Fox Ranger Fire. These features make this one of the best mountain bike gloves on the market today.

The Fox Ranger Fire also has gel inside to add added rider protection and comfort. You can even use your phone while wearing this one because its fingertips, including the middle fingers, have touchscreen compatibility.

The material is moisture-wicking and absorbs dampness. A customer will also find conductive threads at the thumb and index finger. The Fox Ranger gloves weigh a decent 2.4 ounces thanks to their thin palm material for ideal handlebar grip similar to dnd gloves and hestra gloves that are a bit tight, especially on the middle finger. There are nine design options to choose from and four size options to make sure the glove fits for trail riding. You can order these on Amazon or directly from the Fox Racing website.


  • It is one of the best-looking gloves in the market that looks great on any mountain bike outfit.
  • The coverage is one of the best benefits you can get. It is pretty nice as it leaves no areas exposed.


  • The fabric feels a bit weird especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • It’s not made for very rugged usage.

Dakine Syncline

Dakine Syncline Gel Cycling Glove - Black | Large

Then there is the Dakine Syncline, which gets a huge amount of star ratings from users and expert testers, and is a top pick when it comes to all-mountain gloves that provide full finger coverage and a comfortable fit that helps improve bike maneuverability.

Dakine is known for its youthful branding, and that’s what makes the Syncline gloves the best mountain bike gloves if you are considering if you want to look unique.

It features gel palm padding and moisture-wicking fabric material that keeps hands dry. The fingertips of this finger gloves also have silicone that maintains easy control when braking and shifting.

There are six designs to choose from, each having its color. These come in camo, black, red, grayish blue, light blue, and brown, in a variety of size options. This is available on Amazon, or you can order it directly from their site. Just make sure you have your account. All these are available in a super lightweight glove design.

You can even use this as a winter mountain bike gloves for winter riding thanks to its wet weather and velcro closure features. This will also keep your fingers warm because it’s specially designed for cold weather riding, making this an ideal winter glove. Many even consider this as one of the best winter gloves with velcro closure.


  • It provides maximum bar feel. Your hands won’t slip.
  • The padding gives you added protection and security without compromising control.


  • The designs are decent, but they’re too simple and minimalist.
  • It will feel very warm especially in hot weather conditions.

POC Essential Mesh

POC Essential Mesh Glove - Uranium Black/oxolane Grey - Medium

The POC Essential Mesh is another mountain bike glove you might want to consider. POC is known for its minimalistic and classy-looking gears that match any clothing, which include the Essential Mesh.

The pairs of gloves are the best buy if you want to focus on comfort and control on your rides. Hence, it’s got a ton of star ratings from customers. This is made possible thanks to its mesh fabric at the back area, as well as a ventilated palm that improves airflow.

There are also silicone prints on the palms that provide excellent grip and help you stay in control of your bike as your speed increases.

There is even a terry cloth nose wipe that makes these mountain bike gloves more functional. There are five design options and various size choices a customer choose from.

These come in uranium black, azurite blue, basalt blue, pink, and gray. These mtb gloves are downright stylish which is why they get a lot of stars ratings. You can even use these finger gloves as winter mountain bike gloves. What’s more is that this is also a minimalist glove because of its low-profile design that’s ideal for wet conditions, wind protection, and weather protection. It gives just enough insulation to keep cold hands on silicone grippers warm.


  • It is one of the most breathable gloves out there even if it has thick padding.
  • The designs all look stylish and elegant.


  • It is not very durable as it can easily get scratches.
  • It also leaves behind a bad odor especially if you have sweaty hands or if it got soaked in mud.


The only way to know the best mountain bikes gloves is to know your riding style and personal preferences.

Choose what you want to prioritize. Will it be design, comfort, or protection? Once you’re done choosing, you can then proceed in knowing your right riding styles, size, and in weighing out the price. These are the questions you need to know before buying one and make a review of it after your bargain.

Remember those expensive ones don’t necessarily mean top quality. Sometimes, it’s all about branding. Gloves are also a fashion statement in mountain biking, so you want to consider that as well.

Just choose any of the best mountain bike gloves mentioned in this list and weigh things out depending on your personal choice. When you do, then you’ll have the best mountain bike gloves in no time.