Mountain bike racing should be on the bucket list of all mountain bikers. It’s fun, memorable, and most importantly, provokes you from performing at your best with your bike.

It’s also a smart way to stay fit, competitive, and healthy both physically and emotionally.

But what are the best races out there?

In this section, we’ll show you the top race picks for bike racers. We’ll also give you the best tips that’ll help you go about your mountain bike racing career, whether it be professionally or just for the sake of fun.

The Top Mountain Bike Races to Watch Out For

Enduro World Series

The Enduro World Series is the top-most elite racing competition for enduro mountain biking. This happens annually and is divided into 10 individual races held in different trails.

Although the locations vary every year, the races are usually held in different countries, spanning from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and also the countries down under like Australia and New Zealand.

This is the top-most level of enduro racing and is where the best enduro racers in the world compete on stage races. However, amateurs can also join the EWS as long as they have the required health credentials, and of course, budget.

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is also an annual racing event. But unlike the Enduro World Series, this race is divided into three main events. These are different races for short track cross-country olympic, downhill mountain biking on the same course, and slopestyle dual slalom.

Each bike discipline showcases the top-most level of mountain biking racing in the world and hosts the best professional racers the endorse the best premier mountain biking brands, just like with cross country racing

Asian Enduro Series

The Asian Enduro Series ranks lower than the Enduro World Series as it serves as a qualifier for the main global race.

This is held in different races scattered across Asia. It follows the same system as the EWS, but in a more localized manner. This is also open to female riders and mountain bikers who just want to have fun and gain some memorable experience with their bikes.

How to Train for a Mountain Bike Race

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The first thing you need to do to train for bike races is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Start leading one by eating healthy food and getting enough sleep.

Don’t stress yourself too much and conserve your energy for productive things. Avoid drinking too much as this will just weaken both your physical, mental, and emotional health and self as well.

Go on long-distance epic rides

Going on long-distance epic rides is an important thing to do if you want to join races. This trains your body to endure long pedaling motions, especially if you’re exposed to the sun’s heat. Your body tolerance increases and you become stronger as a result of your prolonged rides.

Regularly climb uphills

Climbing uphills is also a smart way to prepare yourself for joining races because you exert more effort in the pedaling motion. This then strengthens your leg muscles as well as boosts your core strength so you can exert more energy when going all-out on your races.

Tackle technical sections

Tackling technical sections should never be skipped when practicing for races because this is where you learn the technical skills needed so you can safely make your way across seemingly impassable sections.

This includes riding straight into huge boulders and making fast decisions on which line to take.

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