Woman riding a bicycle along stony sidewalk on blue sparkling sea water

How Do You Get Sand Out of a Chain

Our bike chains are one of the most important components in our bikes that we need to take care of. Because if we disregard this bike component it will surely lead to problems in the … Read more

A cyclist in red shorts and a yellow jacket riding a bicycle on the rear wheel through a puddle.

Why Are Mountain Bike Shorts Baggy?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cycling is the fitting outfit that bikers wear. Well, they’re called lycra, the stretchable spandex-like material that is most of the time, awkward-looking for … Read more

Mountain biking family with bikes on track, Cortina d'Ampezzo, D

Do I Really Need MTB Shorts?

Mountain biking is a tough sport. You don’t just ride your bike and expect to pedal your way to any place you want. Aside from endurance and cardiovascular strength, you also need to learn technical … Read more

How Long Do Handlebar Grips Last

How Long Do Handlebar Grips Last?

Handlebar grips are an important part of mountain biking because it is the only thing that you hold on to when riding. This is why they are also one of the first components to go … Read more

The handle of the Bicycle

How Do You Remove Handlebar Grips?

Mountain biking comes with many perks. And one of the most common things to consider is that you need to casually change the parts and components of your bike to ensure safety, enjoyment, and utmost … Read more

Vintage bicycle hand brake on white background

How Do I Choose Handlebar Grips?

Mountain biking isn’t just about riding your bike and heading your way to your destination. It’s also about choosing the right parts and components that will complement your riding style and personal preferences. One of … Read more