Mountain bikes won’t move without pedals. These are what allow you to go from one place to another.

It is also one of the only three contact points your body has on your bike. Hence, it’s important that we use the right mountain bike pedals.

But what are the best pedals in the market today? And how can you choose the right one that’s fit for you?

In this section, we’ll show you how you can choose the best mountain bike pedals so you can have a safer, more comfortable, and better ride.

What Do You Need to Know About Mountain Biking Pedals?

Type of pedals

There are two main types of pedals. These are the clipless pedals and the flat pedals. Clipless pedals are more efficient than their flat counterparts because your foot is directly connected to the pedal.

This lessens the chances of your foot from moving position. Meanwhile, flat pedals are ideal for those who want to do tricks on their bikes. These offer flexibility and are also beginner-friendly.

Pedal maintenance

Mountain biking pedals are very durable because they can tolerate strong impacts if they hit the ground or something out in the trails.

However, they can also break down if you don’t maintain them properly. One good way to do this is to regrease its bearings from time to time. Also change the pins if they are already worn out.

Proper usage

Your foot should be in a slightly slanting position with your heels facing upward. This way, your foot won’t slide out of the pedals if you go through rocky sections.

Meanwhile, you should learn how to gently clip off your foot sideways from clipless pedals.

Recommended Mountain Bike Pedal

Crankbrothers Stamp: Best Beginner Pedals

Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small Turquoise

The Crankbrothers Stamp is one of the best flat mtb pedals for flat mountain bike shoes because it’s user-friendly and affordable. Its pins also grip well on your foot because it’s long enough.

This comes with nine hex-pattern traction pins connected to a forged Chromoly spindle with enduro sealed bearings. It also has a minimal profile having only a 13 mm thickness.

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RaceFace Chester: Best Flat Pedals for Enduro and Downhill

RaceFace Chester is highly recommended because it’s very light, weighing only 340 grams.

Aside from that, this is also durable and grippy, thanks to its nylon composite body. This goes perfectly well with its Chromoly steel spindle.

The pins are even removable and are guaranteed to work well with any flat shoe sole, making this flat pedal great for mountain bikers in trail and enduro riding.

Crank Brothers Candy: Best Clipless XC Pedal

Crank Brothers Candy 7 MTB Mountain Bike Pedals (Black/Black Spring) with Premium Shoe Shields Bundle (2 Items)

If you’re looking for the best clipless mountain bike pedals for cross-country, then the Crank Brothers Candy is what you need. Its pedal body is made from premium alloy, while its wings are made of cast steel material.

The frame of this clipless pedal has a ribbed shape that provides better traction during the clipping process. Even the edges of these bicycle pedals are chamfered and have a concave platform to reduce pedal strikes. Its alloy pedals also feature Crank Brothers’ traction pad technology to improve the shoe and pedal interface.

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Mountain bike pedals are a very important part of the mountain biking experience because this is where you’ll gather momentum so that you can reach your destination no matter how seemingly impassable it is.

Just make sure that you choose the right type of pedal that suits your riding style. When you do, then there’ll surely be no stopping you from achieving your full potential out on the trails.


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