Mountain bikes won’t run without wheels.

It sounds obvious and given, but we often disregard this very important fact. Most often than not, we just ride our bikes and pedal them as hard as we can while venturing out into the wilderness.

But little do we know that we aren’t riding on optimal performance because we’re riding with the wrong wheels.

Here, we are going to talk about all there is to know about bike wheels, the different types, maintenance tips, as well as the best choices you can get in the market.

What Do You Need to Know About Mountain Bike Wheels?

Types of Wheels

There are three main wheel sizes you can choose from. These are the 26ers, 27.5, and 29ers, with the figures being the diameter size in inches.

26ers are for traditionalists and dirt jumpers, while 27.5-inch wheels are the most popular for trails and budget bikes. Meanwhile, 29ers are the standard size today, both for cross-country and downhill bikes.

There are also two kinds of wheels based on the material they’re made of. Aluminum alloy wheels are more affordable, while carbon wheels and carbon rims are on the higher end of the spectrum as they provide better flex and stability.


Wheel maintenance is a bit tricky because you need to regularly service your hubs, especially their bearings as these easily get rusted especially if you always ride on muddy trails.

You also need to make sure that all your spokes are tight so that your wheel won’t wobble. You can do this by aligning the wheels or bringing them to the local bike shop.

Importance of Choosing the Right Wheels

It is very important to choose the right kind of wheels so you can perform at your best depending on your chosen mountain bike discipline and riding style.

If you want to cover as much ground as possible fast, then go for 29ers as they are bigger in diameter. Meanwhile, you can opt for the 27.5-inch rear wheel and front wheel if you are more of the playful type and you want to do tricks when you gain air time on the trails.

Recommended Mountain Bike Wheels


CyclingDeal WTB SX19 Rims Mountain Bike Bicycle 29er Disc Wheelset 29

The WTB SX19 is one of the best mountain bike wheels because of its oversized hub and straight-pull spokes. It measures 27.5 inches in diameter alongside 32 spokes made from stainless steel.

It also has Novatec hubs, sealed bearings, and an 11-speed compatible section for the drivetrain. All these are wrapped with Continental X-King tires with 2.2-inches thickness. It’s the go-to wheelset for cross-country and enduro riding.

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BUCKLOS 26/27.5/29

The Bucklos wheelset is another choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for casual mountain biking and light trail riding.

What makes this stand out is that it’s made with carbon fiber hubs and alloy rims, making this light and durable at the same time.

It is 10-speed compatible with screen readers and has a quick-release lever for convenience. The spokes also have a unique flat design to reduce air resistance and increase speed, alongside its thin rim width.

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Wheel Master 29er

Wheel Master 29er Alloy Mountain Disc Double Wall

Another choice is the Wheel Master 29er which has a 29-inch diameter ideal for cross-country riding and downhill racing.

Its freehub body has an 8 to 10-speed cassette compatibility, alongside a rotor mount with a 6B rating and a sleek rim width for optimal ride quality.

You can even use this as a downhill wheel or as enduro wheels for enduro bikes if you want to go into enduro racing. If you are looking for an affordable but budget-friendly wheelset that can help boost your confidence on and off the trails, then this one’s definitely what you need.

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