Mountain biking is a dangerous sport which is why it is very important that we ensure utmost safety every time we ride. One good way of doing that is by wearing helmets.

But what kind of helmet should we wear? And what are the things we need to do to make the most out of them?

These are the answers that we will answer in this article. We’ll also show you the best mountain bike helmet you can choose out in the market.

What Do You Need to Know About MTB Helmets?

Types of helmets

There are two main types of helmets. These are the half-shell helmets and the full-face helmets.

Half-shell helmets have no chin guard and are used for cross-country and trail riding. On the other hand, full-face helmets are designed for the more extreme side of the sport, such as for enduro racing and downhill riding.


A bike or trail helmet is a low-maintenance equipment because they are built to handle rugged use. However, you can lengthen their lifespan if you regularly wash the inner layer and keep the shell away from direct sunlight when you’re not using it.

Benefits of using helmets

Wearing a mountain bike helmet is very important for mountain biking because your head is exposed to the elements. And anything can happen to you when riding. You can lose balance, fall off your bike, and hit your head on the ground or something sharp.

This can then cause various head injuries. Remember that your head houses your main central core, which is your brain, which is why it makes perfect sense to do your best to protect it at all costs.

Recommended Mountain Bike Helmets

Troy Lee Designs A2: Best Helmet for Trails

Troy Lee Designs A2 Decoy Half Shell Mountain Bike Helmet W/MIPS - EPP EPS Ventilated Lightweight Racing BMX Gravel MTB Bicycle Cycling Accessories - Men Women Unisex (Smokey Blue, MD/LG)

The Troy Lee Designs A2 is one of the best mountain bike helmets out there if you are into cross-country mountain biking or trail riding. This stands out among other trail helmets thanks to its lightweight but very durable construction.

It features the ground-breaking MIPS technology for added protection, alongside its intake exhaust ports for maximum breathability. It even has a break-away visor, so your head won’t absorb strong impacts if its front layer hits the ground. It is a must-have feature for helmet safety on mountain bikes.

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Fox Racing Speedframe Pro: Best Enduro Helmet

The Fox Racing Speedframe Pro is a must-have if you need an all-out enduro half-shell helmet.

Its interior is made with premium dual-density Varizorb EPS that is built on a 3-position adjustable visor.

It has a 360 fit system that ensures the perfect fit on your head and maximum comfort during extended use. But what sets this apart from other helmets is its Fidlock SNAP magnetic buckle that is made even better with the standard MIPS helmet lining technology.

Troy Lee Designs D3: Best Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking

Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite Mono Full-Face Downhill BMX Mountain Bike Adult Helmet with TLD Shield Logo (Medium, Black)

There is no better helmet than the Troy Lee Designs D3 if you are looking for full-fledged full-face bicycle helmets for downhill racing.

This is built with premium carbon material, making this light for its size. It also comes with the MIPS foam liner technology, which is already a standard for most racing-caliber helmets. You can also easily wear goggles easily thanks to the design of this quality helmet.

What’s also great about this is that it provides maximum protection around your head and face thanks to its solid mountain bike helmet design and minimum air vents.

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