How Much Should I Spend on a Mountain Bike Helmet?

Last Updated on November 21, 2022

Mountain biking is an expensive sport. Not many people know this because they think that it’s just a bike. And it’s just a vehicle on two wheels. Well, that is true. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a sport where you can save money.

If you want to make the most out of mountain biking, then you need to prepare a good budget so you can ensure the utmost enjoyment and safety at the same time.

How to do that? Well, there are many ways. But one of the best things you can do at first is to get a helmet. So, how much should you prepare to splurge on these helmets?

This article aims to answer that question, as well as help you decide which is the best mountain bike helmet you can buy.

What is the average price of a budget helmet?

There is a huge variation when it comes to the price of mountain bike helmets. But the usual price hovers around the $100 to $300 mark.

It sure sounds expensive and too much when you first hear about it. But that’s the usual pricing you get.

These aren’t regular helmets because they are made with intricate details and have gone through careful and sophisticated processes. They are ensured to both be light and at the same time provide enough protection and security on your head.

Is it alright to spend a lot of money on a bike helmet?

Yes, it is alright to spend a lot of money on mountain bike helmets if you want to ensure utmost protection.

Note that it’s your head that you are protecting. Your head contains your skull, which in turn, protects your brain. And note that your brain is the central controller of your body. It makes sense for you to invest money by getting the best mtb helmet to protect this vital body part.

Are helmets overpriced?

Not really. Many people will say that it is overpriced because it’s similar in price to the motorcycle helmets.

There are even some instances when they can become more expensive compared to motorcycle helmets. One good example of this is MIPS (multi directional impact protection) technology. This is also sometimes called a directional impact protection system.

It makes full face helmets or any kind of mountain biking helmet safer because the foam liner and adjustable visor move instead of the head of the rider. This can’t be found in other helmets or most mountain bike helmets that are included in the list of bike helmet under 100.

If you are looking for a cheap bike helmet under 100, then you are only compromising safety for the sake of just having recreational bike helmets.

What’s more, is that some premium mountain bike helmets are even more expensive than the bike itself! Other helmets might have fancy mtb helmets features, which is why you should be cautious of them.

Don’t immediately get caught up with the hype of mtb helmets because most features are just about marketing and branding. If you’re choosing an mtb helmet, make sure that it is safe, aesthetic, durable, and long-lasting.

An mtb helmet should be capable of tolerating strong impacts and varied weather conditions. A proper mtb helmet should also be light and sturdy enough to ensure utmost comfort.

And you should also not easily get carried away with an affordable bike helmet because these are usually substandard.

But that’s completely normal because just like a road helmet, bicycle helmets go through a more complicated production process which needs a lot of thorough setting, inspection, and balance between aerodynamics, weight, and protection.

And also, of course, having top mtb helmets features like an adjustable visor, EPS foam liner, chin strap, or a detachable visor.

Advantages of Premium Bike Helmets


One of the best things about this is that it gives the utmost protection to the rider. It serves as a barrier layer that can absorb impact when you crash or fall off your bike.

It is very important to wear one especially that you are just riding on a two-wheeled vehicle where you need to always maintain balance so you won’t fall off. Helmet manufacturers for expensive helmets also make sure that their products pass the mountain bike helmet safety institute ratings for any riding style.

This makes an expensive mtb helmet totally worth it compared to a budget mountain bike helmet because they are a quality mountain bike helmet, which is just what you need for mountain bikes.

Add in the added dangers of riding on aggressive mountain bike trails and you’ll surely see that this is a dangerous game to play. Wearing the right mountain bike helmet, however, ensures you don’t have to worry about that.

Proper fit

Premium bike helmets also mean that you have a mountain bike helmet that properly fits your head. These are made with precision shapes and dedicated fit depending on your chosen size.

You don’t have to worry about having a very tight or very loose helmet because of the many size options available. Make sure that the detachable visor, chin strap, and EPS foam liner all fit well on your head if you want to have the best mtb helmet.

An EPS foam liner is very important because this acts as a cushion, which is also popular in most mtb helmets that incorporate new mountain bike helmet design trends.

We also recommend that you get a lightweight helmet or any comfortable helmets to make the riding experience much better.

Most affordable helmets might label themselves as versatile helmet. Well, they may be. But mountain biking helmets or a bicycle helmet that are priced cheaply aren’t also that safe and comfortable to wear.


We all want to look good, right? Well, a premium mountain bike helmet gives you that luxury. These helmets are ensured to be on trend when it comes to design and style.

You are also assured that you won’t look like wearing a motorcycle helmet if you have a full-face version of mountain bike helmets because of its subtle differences. The best mountain bike helmets are those that are both functional and aesthetic.

So, make sure that you focus a lot on the looks if you want to get the best mountain bike helmet.


This is perhaps the best thing about premium mountain bike helmets. They last longer compared to the cheaper ones because they are made with high-quality materials.

This means that a mountain bike helmet doesn’t easily get damaged or scratched. Which then means you don’t have to replace them every once in a while.

A mountain bike helmet might cost you a lot of money at first. But you’ll eventually save more in the long run because you don’t have to buy another helmet after just a month of using it.

Bragging rights

This might not be too big of a deal for some. But it’s a huge factor to many riders out there. What sets mountain biking, or cycling in general, from other athletes, is that they are very particular with their gears, equipment, and things.

The more expensive things they have, the more respect they get from other people.

This is a very nice feeling you can get because it shows that you are really into sports and that you are willing to effectively compete at the highest level possible, even if that means putting things down on the gears you wear.

Mountain biking is a hierarchical community. You gain the upper echelons if you have premium things like the best mountain bike helmet, or maybe have a collection of the mountain bike helmets. But of course, you also need to have the skills and health toughness.

Top Mountain Bike Helmets

Troy Lee Designs A3

One of the best choices of mountain bike helmets you can get is the Troy Lee Designs A3. This is a trail helmet that you can use both in light trails and aggressive enduro trails.

It is priced at $220. The main features of this mountain bike helmet are its MIPS protection and 360-degree fit system. This mountain bike helmet also has a retention stabilizer that ensures a perfect fitting on your head, making this one of the best mountain bike helmets on the market.

16 vents ensure smooth air channeling. It’s what you need if you want something that’s light, pleasing to look at, and can keep your head protected thanks to its EPS foam, thick padding, GoPro camera mount area, and premium helmet’s retention system feature.

This doesn’t just ensure utmost head protection for a quality helmet. But it also makes sure that the entire head and how the helmet fits are all well crafted and properly designed. This isn’t common for cheaper helmets and for most bike helmets.

Undoubtedly, this bike helmet is one of the best mountain bike helmet on this list thanks to its removable visor, adjustable visor, and multi directional impact protection technology on its outer shell.

Fox Proframe Vapor

The Fox Proframe Vapor is a great choice if you are into aggressive enduro riding. This is a full face mountain bike helmet that is light enough to wear even for hours of riding.

However, this mountain bike helmet also is great for enduro and downhill riding thanks to its multi directional impact protection (MIPS) technology feature to further strengthen its outer shell, foam liner, and head cool area, unlike other cheap helmets that don’t have any kind of directional impact protection system feature.

This makes this bike helmet undoubtedly one of the best mountain bike helmets for trail riding. It’s also priced at $260, which is reasonable if you were to compare it to other trail helmets or all the helmets in the same trail helmets price range.

If you want to get the best mountain bike helmet or you’re planning to have a collection of the best mountain bike helmets, then the Fox Proframe Vapor is definitely for you.

Other mtb helmets might be cheaper, but they certainly lack features that can only be found in this mtb helmet.

The Fox Proframe Vapor is undoubtedly one of the best helmets to prevent brain injury from rotational forces thanks to the extra protection that its premium interior liner inside the helmet’s shell has. It’s also one of the lightest open face helmets that BMX riders can also use as its extra protection and EPS liner makes this a feature packed helmet featuring maximum protection.

Troy Lee Designs Stage

The Troy Lee Designs Stage is another full-face enduro helmet that is made for maximum protection on enduro riding but also maintains the lightweight feature needed for uphills and flat pedal sections.

This full face mountain bike helmet features a Fidlock magnetic buckle system and 11 air intake vents that ensure a breathable riding experience for mountain bikers that want a full face helmet with a MIPS helmet feature for various head shapes.

MIPS helmet feature such as the one present in this helmet is important as this ensures safety if ever crashes happen.

This also has a removable and washable liner that goes alongside its EPS foam, which makes this one of the more expensive bike helmets on this list. Nonetheless, trail and enduro riders are going to love this full face helmet because it’s decently priced.

The price of this bike helmet is around $250, which is already a decent price compared to most full face helmets. All of these make it one of the best mountain bike helmets on the market for downhill riding, specifically those that have a removable chin guard against rotational forces.

Fox Meta

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You can also check out the Fox Meta mountain bike helmet, which is ideal for trail and cross-country rides. It is priced at around $170 to $200, making this one of the best mountain bike helmets on this list.

This mountain bike helmet features a Fidlock magnetic buckle strap, a three-position adjustable system to support its outer shell and removable visor, and a goggle-compatible design for seamless goggle straps, similar to most helmets like an Exclusky mountain bike helmet or bontrager helmet.

An mtb helmet like these are known brands, but you should first inspect its safety features and aesthetic design to make sure they fit your personality.

It’s the ultimate trail riding mountain biking helmet. Although it might not belong to the list of bike helmet under 100, the price is still pretty much worth it considering the level of safety its removable visor and directional impact protection system gives, unlike other helmets that are cheaper.

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All beginner mountain bikers should know that if they want to maximize the fun and enjoyment they get from this sport, they must get the right gears and equipment even if that means spending more.

There are many risks involved in cycling, most especially in mountain biking. However, you can avoid these risks if you wear the right safety gear.

In this case, a mountain bike helmet. Prepare to spend around $100 to $200 or even more if you want to ensure that your head stays safe and sound.

Remember, your body won’t function properly if you’ve got some kind of brain damage.