Best Clipless Mountain Bike Shoes of 2023

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Mountain biking is a sport that relies not only on your physical capabilities and skills and your gears and equipment. In fact, it depends heavily on the kind of bike you have and the things you wear and use to go on your road.

And one of the most important things you need to focus on is your shoes, or more specifically, clipless mountain bike shoes.

In this article, we will show you the best mountain bike shoes with clipless platforms are what you should wear. We’ll also provide their respective features and pros and cons so you can decide which ones are the best for you, depending on your riding style and personal preferences.

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Five Ten Kestrel Lace

Five Ten Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes

Adidas Five Ten is undoubtedly one of the best brands when it comes to mountain biking shoes. Not only are these very stylish, but they are also durable and made for rugged terrains.

One such model is the Five Ten Kestrel Lace, which features their exclusive Stealth C4 outsole with a broader cleat platform providing multi-compatibility on any kind of SPD pedal.

The kestrel lace is made from nylon which works well alongside its EVA midsole built for maximum shock absorption.

If you are looking for a mountain biking shoe that provides stability you need from your clipless pedals, then this one’s for you. It also provides enough grip and flexibility if you want to clip in and out of your pedals in gnarly trail sections.


  • Durable exterior
  • Comfortable insole
  • Strap and lace system


  • Conservative style
  • Very common and mainstream

Giro Rumble VR

Giro Rumble VR Mens Mountain Cycling Shoes - Dress Blue/Gum (2022), 45

Giro is another top brand when it comes to mountain biking shoes, thanks to its rich heritage of creating rugged and fully-capable cycling shoes that speak of style and durability.

Check out the Giro Rumble VR, an outdoor-inspired mountain biking shoe that works great for trail riding.

What sets this apart from the other clipless shoes on this list is that it comes with a breathable synthetic suede material that is paired with its mesh upper. This provides a supple and supportive feel that improves breathability.

Its laces are fully adjustable and can hold strong knots securely, so you don’t have to worry about having your laces loose while riding on technical trails. In fact, many regard this as having the lightest closure system in the market today.

It has nylon plating that improves the efficiency of your power transfer. This also goes well with hardware made from stainless steel and a full-length Vibram Ecostep outsole for maximum stability and grip.

But the best thing about this is its two-bolt cleat compatibility feature that goes along its EVA footbed. If you’re looking for a lightweight clipless mountain bike shoe that can withstand light to moderate rugged use, then this one’s what you need.


  • Lightweight structure
  • Breathable mesh


  • Design
  • Durability

Leatt DBX 4.0

Leatt DBX 4.0 Clip Cycling Shoe - Men's Black, 10.0

The Leatt DBX 4.0 is a noteworthy contender to the list of best clipless mtb shoes thanks to its solid outer surface, comfortable interior, and design that suits the unpredictability of the trails.

It comes with a suede sole and features the Clipgrip SPD channel, ensuring compatibility on all clipless pedals. These also have longer travel for ease in gravity riding, making this a great choice for a downhill shoe.

Its outer coating is made from Leatt’s Ridegrip compound, providing a great feel whatever the weather conditions.

It even has its sticky Leatt compound sole to improve maneuverability. The fun stuff doesn’t end there, though, as it is still packed with cross-tension straps, all-weather coating, and a low-profile tongue, all of which boast water-resistance capabilities, similar to most flat pedal shoes.

This one is a must-have for enduro and downhill riders out there who want to ensure their feet stays dry, safe, and secured on their way downhills.


  • Maximum protection coverage
  • Stiff feel
  • Durable build


  • Heavy
  • Not very breathable

Shimano SH-RX800W

Shimano is a staple brand in the cycling world. And one such good example of this is the Shimano SH-RX800W, an all-out racing shoe that works great for cross-country mountain biking and gravel cycling.

This stands out because it provides superior power transfer capabilities thanks to its light and ultra-rigid sole made from carbon.

This ensures that the energy you exert when pedaling is fully transferred to the pedals. The lugs are also very lightweight, which is even made better thanks to the anti-slip pad that makes it easy to walk on when you’re off the bike.

The material it is made of is one-piece synthetic leather that features a very breathable perforated venting design. It also has a two-hole SPD clipping system.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Very stiff sole that improves power transfer


  • Not ideal for downhill trails
  • Looks awkward for casual occasions

Five Ten Hellcat Pro

Five Ten Hellcat Pro Mens Mountain Bike Shoes, (Black, Red, White), Size 6

Five Ten comes again at the top list with another model they call the Five Ten Hellcat Pro.

This is an all-out enduro and downhill racing shoe that can work great, whatever the conditions or weather be. In short, it’ll help you survive through even the harshest of terrains thanks to its ultra-durable construction and water-resistant surface. 

It features a perforated tongue to make it as breathable as possible if you plan on riding on a hot summer’s day.

This also has EVA midsoles that are compression molded to reduce weight and give better comfort on your feet, just like flat pedal shoes.

What’s more, it has a vibration dampening feature provided by its dual-density TPU shank that gives you enough flex in case you want to adjust your foot’s position on the pedals.

The toe box is made from TPU with impact resistance capabilities from its 2 mm foam. The soles are even made from Five Ten’s proprietary Stealth C4 dotty outsole to ensure grip and stability on the clipless pedals.


  • Aesthetic and stylish design
  • Built for rugged use and racing
  • Protection and durability


  • A bit heavy
  • Price

Avitus Mountain Bike Shoes

Avitus Mountain Bike Shoes MTB Shoes Clipless for Downhill and Enduro Biking Compatible with SPD Cleats.11

Then there is Avitus, another brand still slowly making its way to the mainstream market. But don’t take this lightly, as the Avitus Mountain Biking Shoes are all you need if you are a dedicated trail rider.

It has a non-slippery rubber sole that features a flat outsole with bulky treads for maximum grip on varying terrains.

The midsole is made from a highly elastic phylon EVA material to improve shock absorption and comfort.

It also has a stiff nylon insole for better pedaling efficiency and power transfer. You can even replace the inner cleats easily by just opening a small section of the insole.

The upper area is made from TPU-coated integration alongside oxford cloth for that premium feel and protection. The toe cap is even reinforced for added stiffness and protection.

The lining area absorbs moisture and has a non-odor material to maintain freshness all day long. It also has the classic Yow lace closure system, so you can easily adjust it on the fly wherever and whenever.


  • Easy adjustability
  • Breathable


  • Not built for very rugged use
  • Brand is not so popular

Crankbrothers Mallet E Lace

Mallet E LACE Black/Blue/Black 10.5

Crankbrothers is one of the most popular brands in the realm of enduro and downhill mountain biking these days because of the appeal that their stylish and durable mountain bike shoes have.

A solid proof of this is the Crankbrothers Mallet E Lace which boasts its ultra-durable cleat box for a smooth pedaling entry regardless of how muddy your pedals are.

This comes with Crankbrothers’ exclusive rubber compound called the MC1, which is built for harsh and rugged usage. It features their radial lug pattern surrounding the cleat box so that you can easily release your foot from the pedals.

Its tread pattern is specifically designed for trail usage, so you won’t have any problem when it comes to riding on muddy and rocky terrain.

This has a ramped toe design, so you can easily walk in case you are off the bike. Plus, it’s already got a pre-installed cleat, so it’s already immediately ready for riding.


  • Reputable brand
  • Great for enduro and downhill racing
  • Secured grip


  • A bit bulky
  • High price

Tommaso Vertice Vibram

Tommaso Vertice 200 Men’s All Mountain Vibram Sole Mountain Bike Shoes with Buckle - 43

Tommaso Vertice is a name you won’t usually hear in mountain biking. That’s not because they ain’t nice.

In fact, it’s the opposite, and that is because they speak of unique rarity and elegance that won’t fit any shoe found in the mainstream market.

If you’re picky on mountain bike shoes and want to stay unique but still have those high levels of protection, durability, grip, and style, then the Tommaso Vertice Vibram is what you need.

This is a trail shoe that comes with a very grippy Vibram sole that is made for ultra-rugged terrains.

This feature goes well with its reinforced toe box, so you can conquer whatever trail obstacle.

It’s very stable, provides excellent grip, and is also breathable. It’s an all-in-one shoe package. You’ll find three Velcro straps that are ergonomically placed to ensure comfort.

What makes this stand out among its competitors is its shank plate hidden underneath its insole.

This adds comfort and improves power transfer, making pedaling much more efficient. It’s a must-have if you’re in for style and functionality with an added rarity from their brand name.


  • All-in-one cycling shoe
  • Ultra grippy outsole
  • Unique branding


  • Hard to find
  • Price

Santic SPD

Santic Mountain Bike Shoes SPD Shoes MTB Shoes Road Cycling Shoes

Santic SPD is a noteworthy choice if you are looking for a reliable clipless mountain bike shoe that is durable but also stylish and comfortable.

This comes with a polyurethane sole that provides the comfort you need on long cross-country rides. It also gives you the much-needed pedal efficiency required from your power transfer. 

It features a closure system with nine hook and loop straps, all of which have ergonomic designs to help keep up with your endurance on long-distance rides.

What’s more, this shoe boasts a rigid sole that ensures that the energy you exert won’t get soaked up when climbing uphills or hitting high-speed sections.

This also has a bulging design that is helpful if you want to expel and get rid of mud stuck on your mountain bike shoes and pedals.


  • Stiff feel
  • Great pedaling efficiency
  • Striking color options and design


  • Not great for extreme downhill riding
  • Brand

Sidi Dominator 10

Sidi Dominator 10 MTB Shoes (10.5, Black/Grey)

The Sidi Dominator 10 is another top choice for a clipless mountain biking shoe as it’s designed specifically for off-road cycling.

This makes it an ideal choice if you are searching for premium mountain bike shoes to support your pedaling efficiency and performance on your bike.

It features its proprietary Microtech Microfiber material on its upper areas. This is responsible for providing much-needed stability when hitting technical sections.

Aside from that, you’ll also enjoy its water-resistant coating, that’s great if you’re into riding muddy sections and tracks. You need this if you want to ride regardless of the weather conditions.

There are multiple colors and sizes, so you’ll have many options depending on your preferences. Its sole is made from RS17 nylon, providing a firm feel on your pedals.

What sets this apart from the competition is Sidi’s exclusive soft instep closure system that goes hand in hand with its boa-type wiring style. All of these contribute to a durable structure and comfortable fit.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Sleek color and design


  • Not comfortable on very rocky technical sections
  • Very expensive


The best clipless mountain bike shoes are:

Choose any of the best mountain bike shoes reviewed in this article and you’ll surely have a better mountain biking experience.

Just make sure that you consider your mountain bike discipline, size, design, and personal preferences so you’ll have the right trail shoe fit for your own unique riding style.