What Should I Look For in Motorcycle Gloves

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

Riding a motorcycle is just riding a mountain bike. The only difference is that the two-wheeled ride you’re riding has an engine.

So, it makes perfect sense for you to always wear motorcycle gloves every time you go on a ride.

But what kind of gloves should you get? And what are the things to consider when buying one?

These are the questions we’ll answer in this article. We’ll also give you background information on what these are and what the different types are so you can get the right glove for you.

Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Short cuffs

Short cuffs are ideal for warm weather because of their thin and breathable material fabric. These are usually worn by riders who ride their motorcycles for daily commutes around town.

Many prefer these over gauntlet gloves because of their comfort and aesthetic appeal. These gauntlet-style gloves are also one of the most affordable kinds of gloves as they’re made of plastic.


Street gloves are ideal for cruising around town and for short daily commutes. They are similar to short cuff gloves but they have a more urban style.

They also have more minimalistic features when it comes to style, which makes them more practical. The materials of street gloves are made of are commonly textile and leather. But there are also instances when these two materials are combined.


Racing gloves or race gloves are geared towards the higher end of the spectrum. These are sought out by motorcycle racers who compete.

However, they’re not just limited to this group of people as there are also daily motorcycle commuters who have the budget for these more expensive gloves.

These are more about looks and branding. They’re made of textile and are designed for maximum protection. The downside of textile gloves for motorcycle riding is that they’re not that breathable and your hands can easily get warm inside.


Cruising gloves are commonly worn by riders who have cafe racer motorcycles because this complements its classic and vintage look.

Most cruising gloves are leather gloves, making them more expensive than the other types of gloves. Street Bob, Vulcan, and Fury moto riders are also fond of these gloves.


Off-road gloves are the ones that are very similar to their mountain bike counterpart. These are made for off-road riding and are specifically designed to lessen engine vibrations on the hands and make the riding experience more comfortable.

Dirt bikers always bailout out their bikes into the ground. So, these are made for comfort, control, and protection with abrasion resistance

But what makes them different from other gloves is that they usually don’t have a full plastic covering. Anyway, you don’t need too much knuckle protection or hardshell plastic because you won’t crash on asphalt or cement.


Then there are the gauntlet gloves which aren’t anymore very popular these days. They don’t just cover your hand but go a bit further up to your forearms.

These are ideal for riding in cold climates because they keep your hands and arms warm thanks to their leather material. Riders who ride long distances in cold weather are the ones who wear these, making them also called as winter gloves.


Adventure gloves are also known as touring moto gloves. These are designed for maximum comfort and protection because riders wearing these go on long rides across the country. They’re more expensive than other types because they are made of high-quality premium leather materials.

What are the things to consider when buying motorcycle gloves?


The first thing you should always consider when buying gloves is safety. Gloves are made to keep us safe and protected from having scraped and injuries on our hands.

Make sure that the gloves are properly made and that they don’t have any defects which expose your hand when being used.


Comfort is another consideration to make. You should feel comfortable wearing gloves when riding a motorcycle so you won’t get hand fatigue.

The material on the palm area should be soft and thick enough to absorb the vibrations from your motorcycle’s engine. It shouldn’t also feel too warm, especially if you ride in warm climates. Or on the other hand, be too thin and cause your hands to freeze in colder areas.


The material plays a huge role in the quality of the gloves. The usual materials used are leather and cotton fabric with bits of hard shell plastic protection. Make sure that these materials are premium and high quality so you won’t have to bother buying another pair later.


The gloves should be breathable. What this means is that it should be thin enough to allow airflow onto your hands, unlike leather gloves, textile gloves, and waterproof gloves that are too thick.

This is essential to cool your hands and removing any sweat from them which can cause your hands to slip from the grips and throttle.

It’s all about being safe while also maintaining the level of comfort needed and your own riding style. However, you should also weigh things out because there are some instances when you focus too much on breathability that you compromise safety on your part.

Fit and sizing

Get a pair of gloves that is your right size. It shouldn’t be too small or too large for you because this can affect handling and maneuverability, which can then lead to accidents. The gloves should be a perfect fit on your hand. Sizing options for most gloves are XS, S, M, L, and XL. But their specific sizes vary.

Can you use motorcycle gloves for mountain biking?

Yes, you can use them. But not most of the time. Specifically speaking, off-road gloves which are used for dirt bike motorcycles can also be used for mountain biking.

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Fox and Troy Lee Designs, which are two of the best motorcycle glove manufacturers, sell motorcycle gloves that can be used either for motorcycle or enduro and downhill mountain biking. Apart from these off-road dirt bike gloves, we don’t anymore recommend you using motorcycle gloves for mountain biking.


Always remember to consider the things mentioned in this article for you to get the perfect motorcycle gloves for your next ride.

Just make sure that it’s the right fit, style, design, and of your preference and riding style. When you do, then you’ll surely have a safer, more enjoyable, and better ride.

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