13 Best Mountain Biking Hydration Packs

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Mountain biking needs a lot of endurance and hydration, so you can go anywhere anytime.

Yes, you can bring with you a water bottle and place it on your bike’s bottle cage. But that usually poses many risks, such as the possibility of the bottle falling when you go through rough roads or trails.

It is also not that convenient because you have to reach the bottom of the bike. Or you even have to stop your ride just to drink water from your bottle.

You don’t have to worry about these, though, if you have a mountain biking hydration pack.

But it surely is also confusing to choose which is the best, knowing that there are many choices.

That is what this article is about. Because here, we are going to show you the best hydration packs to choose from.

Arvano Cycling Backpack

Arvano Cycling Backpack is one of the best choices in the market today because of its storage capacity, design, and reliability on the trails.

This features a 2-liter hydration bladder that works well even if you stuff it around with other sharp objects or tools. The bladder material is made from premium TPU and is assured to be BPA-free.

It also has a 4-inch opening, so you can easily clean it or add ice cubes if you want to have a cold drink. The bite valve is soft and is also ensured to prevent any kind of leak while giving fast water flow. You’ll also find a hole near the shoulder strap where the hose can pass through.

The back pad features an air mesh design that gives you a breathable and comfortable feeling. You can also adjust the chest, shoulder, and waist strap if you want a custom fit.

This is made of ultralight and durable tear-resistant nylon fabric, ensuring utmost durability and portability. Even a reflective strip makes it visible at night, making this great for night riding.


  • Large capacity
  • Material durability
  • Affordable price


  • Design lacks art
  • Unknown brand

CamelBak Women’s L.U.X.E.

CamelBak Women’s L.U.X.E. Mountain Bike Hydration Backpack - Easy Refill Hydration Backpack, 100 oz, Black

If you are a lady and you want to have your hydration pack, then one of the best choices out there is the CamelBak Women’s L.U.X.E.

It is an everyday pack that comes with a 10-liter storage capacity and a 3-liter Crux reservoir that features a Quicklink design.

What’s great about this is that it has an air director back panel that directs airflow through your back, keeping you cool even on a hot summer’s day ride. A removable stability belt keeps it in place even if you ride on trails or do jumps and drops.

It is also very lightweight and breathable, thanks to its ventilated harness. You will also find adjustable sternum straps on this one, improving stability and security on trail rides.

What’s even better is that this has a secure pocket where you can store your phone without the risk of it being broken or damaged in case you fall on the ground on your bike.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Compact
  • Top brand


  • High price
  • Limited capacity

Zavothy Hydration Backpack

The Zavothy Hydration Backpack is another choice you might want to get. This comes with a fabric that is made from 210D PU, which is scratch-resistant and waterproof.

It has a stylish shape that syncs well with its lightweight pack design. You’ll hardly feel you’re wearing a backpack with this one. It also has an inner sleeve, pockets outside, and a bungee, along with a front pocket that has an adjustable buckle to which you can strap your helmet.

This features a ventilated back design that keeps your back cool and ensures utmost breathability, which is crucial if you’re riding on a hot summer’s day.

There are back mesh panels that improve ventilation and a back panel that distributes its weight evenly, so you won’t have any back pains even if you wear this backpack for a long time.

This backpack has a reflective trim for night safety and strap clips that secure the additional straps. You can even use its safety whistle in case you’re in an emergency. Furthermore, the bladder has a 2-liter capacity which is ideal for long cross-country rides.


  • Large capacity
  • Functional features


  • Design
  • New brand
  • Bladder durability

CamelBak Classic

CamelBak CLASSIC Hydration Pack, 85oz

If you are brand-conscious and want something that is classy and elegant without all the unnecessary and fancy stuff, then what you need is the Camelbak Classic. This weighs a very light 0.37 pounds and has a storage capacity of 85 oz.

It comes in a graphite black colorway, making this the kind of bag you want if you are into something low-profile. This can deliver fast shipping thanks to its crux design. It also has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy for you to refill, all while preventing any water leaks.

This features reflective accents on its colorway so it can be easily visible even if it’s already dark outside. The pockets even have secured zippers to store all your essentials. This is the kind of backpack you need if you want a classy-looking hydration backpack that’s lightweight and breathable.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Smooth fabric


  • High price
  • Simple functionality

Vibe Hydration Backpack

Vibe Hydration Pack Backpack with 2L Bladder for Women, Men, Teens, Kids - Sports, Outdoor, Running, Camping, Hiking, Festivals, Raves (Pineapple)

Vibe Hydration Backpack is another nice pick if you are looking for a hydration pack for mountain biking.

What is nice about this is that it’s a very eco-friendly bag because it is made from recycled polyester. It has a water bladder that has a capacity of 2 liters.

It’s BPA-free making this very light and assuring that the water you drink won’t have any taste. This also makes it very easy to clean and remove from the bag.

Aside from the very nice bladder, it also has anti-slip padding that is cushioned enough to provide utmost comfort when you are using it on a long ride.

It even has shoulder straps with a breathable fabric lining so you can move freely. This is made for maximum comfort on and off the trails.

What’s also nice about this is that you can use it for casual occasions thanks to its casual design. There are also multiple choices to choose from that suit your personal preferences.

You can even use this for other different sports such as running, hiking, camping, and even marathons because of its versatile design and functionality.


  • Vibrant design
  • Comfortable shape
  • Affordable price


  • Awkward style
  • Bladder durability

Thule Vital Hydration Backpack

Thule Vital Hydration Pack

Thule Vital Hydration Backpack is another good choice if you’re looking for a cross-country hydration bag that is both light, stunning, and functional.

This is one of the lightest and most portable choices, thanks to its ReTrakt hose return system, which features magnetic functionality for maximum comfort and convenience.

You can use this for high-intensity rides because it has a nimble feel that doesn’t restrict your movement. The bladder is hands-free, so you can easily drink water from the bladder while riding.

One of the best features of this hydration backpack is that it has a quick-access jersey-style pocket that grants you fast access to tools and snacks without slowing down.

This also has a low center of gravity because it is shaped and designed. This leads to ideal weight distribution, which is crucial for maneuvering tight technical trails.

The hydration pack reservoir is a 2.5-liter Hydrapak. There is also additional storage for other things like tools, food, and clothing, with a capacity of 6 liters.


  • Durable material
  • Stunning design
  • Sturdy bladder


  • Fabric breathability
  • Awkward shape

Fox Racing Utility

One good example of this is the Fox Racing Utility, an all-out mountain biking hydration pack that serves as a long-haul storage solution for your riding tools, essentials, and hydration.

This comes with a 3-liter HydraPak reservoir that is more than enough to supply you with much-needed water for long cross-country and enduro rides. This has pockets that are lined with premium fleece material. 

This has an 18-liter storage capacity that is more than enough to place all your riding necessities in. Aside from that, you’ll also find a back pad that is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and breathability for long epic rides.

It even shapes and conforms to your back’s shape. There is also a pass-through stash pocket that has a zipper for easy access while riding. You don’t have to stop pedaling just to get something from your bag.

If you are looking for a hydration backpack that can also serve storage for your riding necessities on long rides, then the Fox Racing Utility is the best choice.


  • Elegant and clean design
  • Top brand
  • Capacity


  • Heavy
  • Low portability

Evoc Stage Technical

Evoc Unisex_Adult, Black, 12 Liter

Evoc Stage Technical is a mountain biking hydration pack specifically designed to serve as a means for riders to continue their ride wherever or whenever.

But this one is not just limited to biking alone. Thanks to its versatile and flexible design, it can also be used for other activities such as hiking, mountaineering, and even for casual use.

It features Evoc’s proprietary Air Flow Contact System that gives exceptional breathability, which is just what you need when riding under the summer sun’s heat.

Its Brace Link shoulder strap provides additional support and breathability on the bag, along with the Airo Flex hip belts. These features create a very comfortable feel when riding on trails and pavement.

Furthermore, this comes with a 2-liter hydration pack inside a specialized compartment, making this one of the best hydration packs. This is supported by a hydration clip that is near the side bottle pocket. All this keeps the bladder secured and in place, along with the hydration pack with a removable tool roll.

Aside from its bladder, this also comes with 12-liter storage where you can place other things such as your wallet, coin purse, cellphone, keys, and other essentials.

This hydration pack even has a separate tool compartment you can use to ensure that the sharp objects won’t come in contact with your phone or other sensitive valuables.


  • Stunning design
  • Top brand
  • Capacity


  • Low breathability
  • High price

Osprey Raptor 10

Osprey Raptor 10 Men's Bike Hydration Backpack , Black

Then there is Osprey, a premium brand when it comes to manufacturing the best hydration backpacks on the market. The Osprey Raptor 10 should be on your top list if you’re the kind of person who wants the best name when it comes to outdoor recreational activities.

In this case, mountain biking. This is a great mountain biking hydration bag because of its dedicated hydration compartment. It comes with a BPA-free hydraulic bladder that has a storage capacity of 2.5 liters.

This is ensured high quality because the renowned brand, Hydrapak, makes it. It features a magnetic sternum strap bite valve that is attached directly to its overall structure.

There’s even a LidLock strap where you can attach your bike helmet if you want to keep your head cool for a minute or if you’re out of your bike, making this one of the best hydration packs on the market today.

It also features a scratch-free slash pocket, which is provided with additional security features thanks to its zippered design. You can place your sunglasses, money, or other small things inside it.

It even has a hip pack belt pocket with stretch mesh fabric. Below, you’ll find a compartment for your other things, which is ideal for the storage of your other tools and snacks. You’ll also find a reflective patch on its outer stretch and a blinker light attachment for safety purposes.

This is ideal if you want a premium mountain biking hydration bag that can carry a lot without weighing you down. The shoulder straps are winged for the utmost stability.

This goes well with its AirScape suspension that improves weight distribution, which is not that common among other hydration packs. A back panel is lined up with mesh foam for maximum ventilation.

Furthermore, its 2.5-liter bladder can easily slide through its private compartment so that it won’t get damaged by your other sharp tools inside the next storage space.


  • High-quality material
  • Large capacity


  • Very simple design
  • Bulky

CamelBak M.U.L.E.

CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Backpack - Easy Refilling Hydration Backpack - Magnetic Tube Trap - 100 oz., Black

CamelBak M.U.L.E. is included in our top list of best hydration packs, not just because it has the globally-renowned Camelbak name but because it boasts exceptional quality and aesthetics.

Indeed, Camelbak is worthy to be called a staple name regarding hydration backpacks.

The Camelbak M.U.L.E. is one of the best hydration packs as it has a classic touch and features an elegant yet outdoor-ready style to its structure. This is specifically designed to tolerate harsh outdoor conditions both on and off the bike, making this a great choice if you’re into extreme biking such as enduro and downhill.

It has a total storage of 12 liters, along with a water bladder with 3 liters of storage space featuring a Quicklink locking mechanism. This features its exclusive Air Director back panel with a breathable ventilated harness that keeps you cool.

An additional stability belt can be easily removed to improve stability and perfect fit. The sternum strap goes pretty well with this as it’s also adjustable, making this ideal if you want a more personalized experience.

What’s more, a secure phone pocket ensures that your phone won’t fall or get in contact with the other sharp objects or tools inside your hydration pack. This is one of the biggest reasons this is one of the best hydration packs on this list.


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Sleek design
  • Top brand


  • Expensive price
  • Low breathability

Osprey Katari 7

Osprey Katari 7 Men's Bike Hydration Backpack , Lime Stone

The Osprey Katari 7 is one of the best hydration packs because it has a dedicated backpack for mountain biking, specifically for cross-country and enduro. This is one of the best choices if what you’re after is a backpack that can store a lot of water alongside other necessities.

It has a 2.5-liter water reservoir which is usually more than enough to hydrate you on an enduro ride.

Meanwhile, this is just enough for cross-country rides or epic long-distance rides. Nonetheless, the bladder is made by Hydrapak, a renowned brand when it comes to manufacturing hydration packs.

The best thing about the Katari 7 is that it has a low-profile design that features an AirScape back panel.

This ensures maximum breathability and easy airflow to keep you cool while biking on a hot summer’s day. It even has a soft-edged harness to ensure utmost comfort, so you don’t end up stressing yourself when climbing uphills or bombing downhill trails.

What’s more, it comes with a blinker light attachment so that you stay safe when riding at night.

You will find a slash pocket with scratch-free fabric that’s even more secure thanks to its zipper system. This also has a dual stretch mesh for smaller items and side pockets.


  • Sleek shape
  • Low-profile design
  • Durable materials


  • High price
  • Striking colors

Fox Racing Men’s Backpack

Fox Racing Unisex-Adult Utility Hydration Pack,Black,Medium

Here comes another top choice from Fox Racing regarding the best mountain bike hydration backpacks.

The Fox Racing Men’s backpack is the go-to solution if you want the best possible mountain biking experience on the trails without experiencing any inconvenience, even if you wear it along with your bike for hours at the end of the trails.

It’s the best hydration pack if you are looking for a go-to storage solution if you want to stay hydrated while being able to carry along the riding essentials such as tools, cellphones, wallets, water bottles, and other things.

Inside it is a 2-liter HydraPak reservoir that is ideal if you are in for enduro and trail rides. It might not hold a lot of water, but that’s still good knowing that you can bring it with you in a very light manner. There’s no need to exert more effort just to carry it because it’s light and compact.

This features pockets that are lined with premium fleece where you can put your valuables inside.

Meanwhile, aside from the 2-liter capacity hydration pack, you can also use its large 11.6-liter storage capacity for your other things.

A magnetic hose retention mechanism keeps everything in place, so you don’t have to worry about having it loose or your things inside the bag will fall out.


  • Large capacity
  • Top global brand
  • Durable fabric and structure


  • Low breathability
  • Bulky design

Dakine Syncline

DAKINE Syncline Bike Hydration Pack 16L (BlackBlack)

Dakine is another well-known brand when it comes to the best quality mountain biking gear. Introducing the Dakine Syncline, an all-out hydration pack specifically designed for mountain biking on cross-country and enduro trails.

This is the ideal bag if you are the kind of rider who wants long adventure rides across long distances. This bag has a 16-liter storage capacity, which is a lot, knowing that most hydration reservoirs only have around 10 to 15 liters of additional storage.

What sets this apart from other choices and makes it one of the best hydration packs is its lumbar reservoir design. This means it improves balance and stability because it is placed in a low center of gravity position.

The lumbar reservoir design also creates better stability, especially if you are on the rough downhill and enduro trails. Aside from all these, you also can place snacks, tools, and even clothes or any other thing while you’re on the trails.

It also has shoulder straps with a breathable pattern design that provides better comfort and increases airflow.

The Hydrapak hydration reservoir has a storage capacity of 3 liters. This is directly connected to the Blaster bite valve with high-flow sipping speed.

Its bite valve is better thanks to its shut-off magnetic hydration hose clip. What’s more, is that the shoulder straps are CE-certified for impact and spine protection.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable fit


  • Bulky design
  • Heavy


In conclusion, you can see that hydration packs are essential gear to have if you are full-on in mountain biking.

Not only does this provide you with the water you need to drink without compromising convenience and comfort, but this also serves as an extra space where you can store other things such as tools, removable tool rolls, water bottles, rain covers, cellphones, wallets, and others.

Choose any of the best mountain bike hydration pack choices above, and you’ll surely have a great time riding your bike and being hydrated.