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Are Carbon Water Bottle Cages Worth It?

Mountain bikers are very particular when it comes to the bike, components, and gears they have. One of the things that usually catches the eye of cyclists is water bottle cages. They’re an essential must-have … Read more

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How Do You Mount a Bottle Cage Mount?

Bottle cages are an essential part of bicycles, especially in mountain biking. Not only does this serve as a place to store your water bottle that keeps you hydrated on your rides. But it also … Read more

Group of cyclist ride together on road bicycles in beautiful nature. Sunset light, sea in background.

Can I Use Mountain Bike Tires on the Road?

Mountain bikes are meant to be ridden for the mountains. But that isn’t always followed. Why? Well, because of practicality’s sake. Many people use mountain bikes on paved roads, with all those knobby and chunky … Read more


Are Fat Tires Better for Heavy Riders?

Fat tires by their very nature can indeed carry more weight. Some can even hold up to 400 pounds which is good news for larger riders.  But when it comes to riding style and performance, … Read more


Is Road Biking Better Than Mountain?

Mountain biking and road biking are two different cycling disciplines. They might both be in the same sport, but they have a lot of differences. Most of which have been the cause of debates between … Read more