How to Fix Brakes on a Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes rely heavily on braking power. We need these to slow us down from our tracks, as well as to fully stop our bikes. But little do people know that brakes also play a … Read more

How Do I Paint My Mountain Bike Frame

How Do I Paint My Mountain Bike Frame

Mountain biking is mostly about looks and style as much as it is about adventure and healthy living. Why? Well, because our bike is a reflection of ourselves, more specifically of our own attitude, personality, … Read more

How to Bleed Mountain Bike Brakes

How to Bleed Mountain Bike Brakes

Mountain biking is a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy the outdoors and go to any place you like. It’s the ultimate two-wheeled vehicle that can be brought to wherever destination you want to go. … Read more

What Kind of Paint is Used on Mountain Bikes

What Kind of Paint Is Used on Mountain Bikes?

Mountain biking is a fun and adventurous sport. It allows us to go to places which we previously thought unreachable. This also allowed us to lead a healthier lifestyle whole promoting competitiveness and camaraderie with … Read more

Tourist cycling in Cortina d'Ampezzo, stunning rocky mountains o

The Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is no doubt fun and enjoyable. You get to spend time outdoors riding your bike and basking in Mother Nature’s grandeur. Unlike road cycling where you spend hours on paved roads brushing along … Read more

Group of cyclist ride together on road bicycles in beautiful nature. Sunset light, sea in background.

Can I Use Mountain Bike Tires on the Road?

Mountain bikes are meant to be ridden for the mountains. But that isn’t always followed. Why? Well, because of practicality’s sake. Many people use mountain bikes on paved roads, with all those knobby and chunky … Read more