Best Mountain Bike Under 600 USD

Last Updated on August 1, 2023

Mountain biking is one of the best sports out there. Riding your bike across the mountains relaxes your senses while ensuring you stay fit and active. It isn’t as demanding as basketball, boxing, football, or sports that highly depend on athleticism.

So, if you’re compelled to dive into this beautiful sport, you need a bike. And while you don’t need a professional bike, you’d want an affordable bike to get you started. In this case, a mountain bike under 600 dollars should be good enough.

If you have the cash to spend on a good beginner’s mountain bike, we’ll show you the best ones to buy below $600. We’ll also discuss things to consider when buying one. Let’s go!

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Schwinn High Timber

The Schwinn High Timber is an excellent mountain bike for beginners and intermediates. Its all-terrain tires provide good traction, while the front suspension helps to absorb shocks and bumps on rough terrain. The 21-speed options allow riders to quickly adjust to different slopes and inclines, making it easier to tackle steep hills.

Other notable features include front suspension, all-terrain tires, a lightweight steel frame, and various sizes for kids, women, and men.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Variety of sizes


  • Durability
  • Reported issues with the brakes and gears
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Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Huffy Stone Mountain Bike is a great lightweight bike with hand brakes and multiple speeds for riding on dirt tracks. It may not be as light as other hardtail mountain bikes, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

The bike comes 90% assembled, which makes it very easy to put together. However, you may experience some issues with the pre-assembly. For instance, its bike gears are shifted by rotating a knob next to the hand grips, allowing you to keep your hands in contact with the handlebars at all times. The bike also has a narrow, racing-type seat, but you may want to replace it with a more comfortable one for a better riding experience.


  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Requires tweaking to get it to work right
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Schwinn S29

The Schwinn S29 is a good value for the money. It looks good and handles trails well, with big 29-inch wheels that roll easily over rocks and roots. The brakes, Shimano sets, and front and rear shocks work great.

However, you may need to adjust the handlebars, brakes, seat, and derailleurs to get the most out of the bike. Also, it may need a few necessary upgrades to improve its performance. Consider replacing the seat, crankset, and bottom bracket to significantly improve the smoothness of pedaling and gear shifts.


  • Trails well
  • Comfortable to ride


  • Upgrades may be necessary to improve the bike’s performance
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Schwinn Bonafide

The Schwinn Bonafide comes assembled chiefly out of the box, and the brakes are pretty good. The bike is also comfortable to ride. It looks good and, once adjusted, shifts and downshifts well.

However, the packaging isn’t the best, and the brake rotors could easily be bent if the box is mishandled during shipping. Other parts, like the front and rear derailleurs, brake pads, and tire pressure, also had issues.


  • Good brakes
  • Comfortable ride


  • Poor packaging
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Requires professional adjustments to get it working right
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Mongoose Flatrock

The Mongoose Flatrock is sturdy and comfortably fits riders of different sizes. The front derailleur may need to be adjusted to shift to the biggest gear, but this task is not difficult. The back gears came adjusted correctly, which is a plus.

The front tire may not be the steadiest when spinning, but this is a minor issue and doesn’t affect the bike’s overall performance. The bike arrived without any damage or missing parts, which is a relief.

One thing to note is that the stem may need to be adjusted by turning the bike over and resting it on the handlebars to get it to sit correctly when lining up the front wheel. The disc brakes may also require some attention, but this is to be expected at this price point.


  • Sturdy
  • Handles steep inclines with ease


  • Requires minor adjustments
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Mongoose Malus

The Schwinn S29‘s oversized tires and sturdy build are perfect for handling trails. Its brakes and gear shifts provide a smooth and quality ride for a fat bike. It’s also easy to assemble, with clear instructions and all the necessary tools.

However, there are reports of shipping issues that may damage the bike parts. While the mountain bike remains functional for the most part, some may experience difficulty shifting downward to any gear below the 4th. The problem was revealed to be improper handling during shipping. So, it depends on how fulfillment will deliver the bike to know whether it will have issues.


  • Good choice for trail riding
  • Sturdy build with smooth gear shifts


  • Potential shipping and quality control issues
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Mongoose Impasse

The Mongoose Impasse can be a great choice for recreational riding with the understanding that some adjustments may be necessary (as with any bike).

First, the bike’s solid brakes compare well with the brand’s Trek bike. While the derailer felt cheaper, it still worked well. The front shocks out of the box were very nice and comparable to Rock Shox, while the tires were okay but had soft rubber that may wear out quickly. The rims felt good so far, but may eventually need to be changed.

However, consider swapping out the seat, seat post, and pedals to your preferences. Adding a bike rack to carry water and a small front fender for the 29″ bike is also recommended.


  • Great choice for recreational biking
  • Brakes and front shocks perform well for the bike’s price.


  • Requires adjustment knowledge and experience
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Schwinn GTX

The Schwinn GTX is a great choice to start your biking experience. The bike is very light, with an aluminum frame and solid components. It’s also effortless to assemble, with excellent tires for plenty of traction. The braking is smooth, and shifting from gear to gear up or down requires little effort. The seat is fully adjustable up or down as well.

However, like most MTBs in this price range, the stock bike seat is decent but may be too hard for some users. The user recommended a much softer seat for a more comfortable ride.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice tires for traction


  • Stcok bike seat is hard
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Mongoose Dolomite

Putting the Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike together, including installing new handlebars and a seat, can take about 90 minutes. The user did have to adjust the angle of the handlebar and brake lever to accommodate the longer handlebar, but otherwise, the assembly went smoothly. The bike was heavy but still fun, with some great basic features.

On the downside, Dolomite may be challenging in sand or mud, despite the flotation provided by the fat tires. The stock seat was a bit narrow, but the user was able to easily replace it with a more comfortable one.


  • Good features for its price


  • A bit heavy
  • Challenging on the mud and sand
  • Narrow seat
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Hiland H200

The Hiland H200 is similar to the H300 version, but this one’s more geared toward smaller riders. It has a light aluminum frame packed with multiple features, making it an excellent choice for biking on paved roads and highways or going to light singletrack trails.

The main characteristics of this bike are its playfulness because of its lightweight structure. If you want to get a good feel for mountain biking, then it is best that you start with this one. It’s not hard to learn because it is easily controllable and maneuverable.


  • Unique design
  • Fast-rolling tires


  • Awkward looks
  • Unreliable drivetrain

Eurobike G4

The Eurobike G4 is for beginners and budget-conscious riders who want an entry-level mountain bike. It is a full-fledged folding mountain bike capable of going to the trails. This is an excellent choice if you don’t have enough storage space for your bike. Just fold it, and it’s good to go on any small cabinet or corner.

This affordable mountain bike is awkward-looking due to its foldable mechanism. But if you’re not keen on aggressive trails, downhill descents, or aesthetics, then you won’t mind using this on the road or while commuting.


  • Suspension system
  • Folding feature


  • Safety hazards on trails
  • Short handlebars

Mongoose Maxim

The Mongoose Maxim is an affordable bike with suspension and other features for rougher trails.

Upon receiving your order, the bike’s box was beaten up and ripped. Nonetheless, all the parts were zip-tied together and included. Assembly took about 20 minutes, but you may have trouble getting the front wheel past the brakes. To solve this, release the brake cable after squeezing the brake arms together.

The pedal was forward, and the wheel turned, which means your shoe might touch the tire. However, the gear changing is smooth.


  • Relatively easy assembly


  • You may need to fix some of its parts
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Buying Guide

There are factors to consider to ensure you get the most value for the mountain bike you’ll buy. Below are the most important ones:

Frame Material

Aluminum is a popular choice for mountain bike frames as it is lightweight, durable, and affordable. Steel frames are also durable but tend to be heavier. Finally, carbon fiber frames are the lightest but also the most expensive.

Wheel Size

Mountain bikes come in three wheel sizes: 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch. The larger its size, the easier it is to roll over obstacles and maintain momentum. However, larger wheels can also make the bike heavier and more challenging to maneuver.


Front-suspension bikes have a suspension fork on the front wheel, while full-suspension bikes have both front and rear suspension. The latter offers better control and comfort on rough terrain but is also more expensive.


Disc brakes offer better stopping power and perform better in wet conditions, making them more expensive. Rim brakes are more affordable but may not perform well in wet conditions.


The number of gears you need depends on the terrain you will be riding on. If you are riding on steep hills, you may need more gears (up to 30) to make climbing easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best budget mountain bikes available?

Some of the best options include the Diamondback Hook, the Schwinn High Timber, and the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike.

What are some good full-suspension mountain bikes under $500?

You might want to check out the Schwinn Protocol 1.0, the Kent KZ2600, or the Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike.

What are the top-rated women’s mountain bikes under $600?

Consider the Diamondback Lux, the Raleigh Eva, or the Schwinn Siro.

What should I look for when choosing a starter mountain bike?

Look for a bike that is comfortable, durable, and easy to ride. Consider the riding you’ll be doing and choose a bike suitable for that terrain. Additionally, you should be mindful of the bike’s components, such as the brakes, suspension, and gears.

What are the main differences between expensive and cheap mountain bikes?

The best mountain bikes are expensive due to their high-end suspension systems, carbon fiber frames, and top-of-the-line gears. They are also often lighter and more durable than cheaper mountain bikes known for using lower-quality components. However, the latter remains a good option for beginners or casual riders who don’t need the highest-end features.


A cheap mountain bike I’d highly recommend above is this:

Mountain biking is an expensive sport. But you don’t need to spend a truckload’s worth of cash to enjoy the sport. There are some budget models out there that can give you the same level of experience as the premium ones.

While you may have to compromise things, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, as the bikes we’ve mentioned are durable, safe, and downright cool!

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