Best Mountain Bike Under 600 USD

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

Mountain biking is one of the best sports out there. Not only does this bring you to different places healthily. But this also ensures that you don’t exhaust yourself. Compared to more aggressive sports like basketball, boxing, or football, which highly depend on athleticism.

Riding your bike across the mountains relaxes your senses while ensuring you stay fit and active.

Feel compelled to dive into this wonderful sport? If so, you surely need a bike. But what is the best mountain bike under 600? And is that enough to have a good bike?

That’s what this article is about. Here, we’ll be showing you what is the best mountain bike under 600. We’ll also discuss the benefits of mountain biking. And the things to consider when buying a mountain bike.

Hiland H300

The Hiland H300 is the best bet if you are a beginner mountain biker and want to get a good feel of the trails.

What is great about this is that it won’t cost you that much. But despite that, you can experience what it feels like to ride a real mountain bike on trails and paved roads.

It’s a playful bike that weighs less than the average budget mountain bike, thanks to its aluminum frame.

Features and components

The Hiland H300 is powered by a 24-speed drivetrain that keeps you on pace wherever or whenever you are.

You can go uphills fast and shred light downhill trails moderately. Although this isn’t an all-out trail bike, you can test its limits without worrying too much about your safety.

This also has a suspension fork with 100 mm of travel to soak up the small bumps and crevices on the roads. It also has mechanical disc brakes that provide enough braking power.

What’s more, this has passed two certifications, the Children’s Product Certificate and the General Certificate of Conformity.

With this, you can say that it’s a good choice if what you’re looking for is an affordable mountain bike that can keep you safe and happy on the roads and on the trails.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Stylish frame


  • Hard suspension
  • Unreliable shifting

Diamondback Overdrive

The Diamondback Overdrive is one of the best mountain bikes under $600. This has a lot to do with the brand because Diamondback is an established bike manufacturer in the US.

It is an all-around bike that can go on uphill trails fairly well. Although this isn’t designed for downhill trails. It can still handle mellow ones if the surface isn’t too wet. The geometry is also decent, thanks to its progressive shape.

Features and Components

This mountain bike runs on a Shimano 3×8 Tourney drivetrain paired with SR Suntour XCT coil forks. These are a bit heavy, but the short 80 mm travel lets it climb uphill. It has 27.5-inch tires from Kenda that come with 160 mm front and rear brake rotors.


  • Established brand
  • Design


  • Unavailable lockout function
  • Outdated geometry

Mongoose Status

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed Shifters, Aluminum Frame, Front Suspension, Black/Red

Mongoose Status is another mountain bike worth taking note of. The Status is a good choice if you want an affordable full-suspension mountain bike, thanks to its front fork and rear shock that features a coil layout structure.

Although this might be a bit heavier compared to other premium models, it’s worth it because of its immense affordability along with its jam-packed features. It is stable on the trails thanks to its high-rise handlebar, which is also long enough to make maneuvering easy.

Features and components

The Mongoose Status features an aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and compact compared to its direct counterparts. You’ll find a suspension fork up front and a rear coil shock at the back that aids in vibration absorption.

The rims are made from alloy as well, adding up more portability to its already lightweight structure.

These are wrapped with 2.12-inch wide knobby tires that can roll on anything on their path, whether these be rocks, stones, roots, or other natural obstacles.

However, it doesn’t have any mechanical disc brakes. Instead, it has the old-school v-brakes which aren’t that great if you ride on downhill trails.

Nonetheless, that’s fine because you can upgrade it later for this mountain bike. Or you can just limit your rides to light trails or paved roads and highways.


  • Full-suspension frame
  • Capable on trails


  • Heavy weight
  • Unresponsive shifting
  • Lacks braking power

Sirdar S-700

The Sirdar S-700 is another choice you can get if you want a budget-friendly mountain bike. This is the top pick if you are tall because it has 29-inch wheels.

Not only does this fit tall riders perfectly, but it also has faster roll-over speeds on high-speed sections, thanks to its large wheels. It also makes navigating across rocky sections easier because you won’t easily be stopped or slowed down.

Features and components

The Sirdar S-700 is not your regular budget mountain bike, as this comes with a 27-speed drivetrain that features three chainrings and nine sprocket cogs.

This gives you many options when it comes to pacing, making climbing uphills and descending downhills faster and more controllable. This mountain bike has a steel suspension fork that is effective in absorbing vibrations from rough roads.

This goes well with its double disc brake, providing utmost stability and maximum braking power.

Thanks to the long stem and short handlebar, it can even provide better handling and maneuverability. What’s even better is that it is already 85% assembled if you purchase this one. This makes it a very user-friendly bike when it comes to assembly.


  • Simple low-key design
  • Lightweight


  • Tires lack grip
  • Not built for aggressive trails

Ghost Kato

Ghost is a German bike brand that has been manufacturing various bike types. And the Ghost Kato happens to be one of the best affordable mountain bike options on the list.

This has an updated geometry, sleek design, and an appealing emblem that adds style. It also has an aluminum frame. This makes it light, durable, and affordable. It’s for you if you’re looking to ride through varying terrains.

Features and Components

This mountain bike comes with an SR Suntour fork suspension. It runs on a Shimano Acera 3×8 drivetrain coupled with its non-series brakes.

The wheels are Rodi Excalibur rims, while the tires are Mitas Ocelot. The wheelset doesn’t sound that nice because they’re new brands. So, we’d recommend you upgrade them later for this mountain bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Aggressive geometry and thick tubes
  • Huge roll-over capabilities


  • Thin tires
  • Unreliable wheelset

Hosote 26

hosote Mountain Bike, Mens and Womens, 26 Inch 21 Speed Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork, Steel Frame MTB with Dual Disc Brake for Adult Youth, Multiple Color

Then comes the Hosote 26, another worthy contender to the list of best affordable mountain bikes.

Although this doesn’t come with the best features built for the rowdiest of trails, this is still packed with decent components that can assure you that you enjoy the outdoors, making this one of the best mountain bikes under 600 on the market today.

This has a frame made from premium steel, making this virtually unbreakable. It’s even better as this has undergone modern welding technology for its geometry. These make it a durable mountain bike that can keep you safe, stable, and happy while on the trails.

But the main selling point of this bike is its small 26-inch wheels, which fit smaller riders. It also provides maximum portability and convenience in maneuvering technical trails because it’s very nimble, thanks to its small size.

Features and components

It features a 21-speed drivetrain and trigger shifters that make you easily tackle steep uphills and go steady on fast high-speed sections. The gear shifting is smooth and is very user-friendly as you only need to push it with minimal effort.

You have a lot of braking power on this one, as it comes with front and rear mechanical disc brakes. You need it when you’re out on the mountains exploring with your bike.

It might not be the best-looking mountain bike out there, but it surely has everything you need to experience mountain biking in its purest form.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Multiple shifting options


  • Dated design
  • Slippery tires
  • Small 26-inch tires

Trek Marlin 5

Trek is a huge bike brand that is known all over the globe. They create different kinds of bikes, including budget-friendly and premium race models.

In this case, the Marlin 5 is inclined towards the affordable side. It has a very aggressive geometry that makes this capable of shredding light downhill trails. But they can also climb well because of the lightweight aluminum frame, making this one of the best mountain bikes under 600 you can choose. There’s also no doubt that this looks sleek and attractive.

Features and Components

The Trek Marlin 5 runs on a Shimano 3×8 hybrid drivetrain, including Altus and Tourney models. The brakes are also Shimano non-series ones. This is coupled with Bontrager wheels and cockpit, which is Trek’s sister company.


  • Aggressive geometry
  • Aesthetic design
  • Established brand


  • Flimsy shifting
  • Weight

Hosote 24

The Hosote 24 is a variant of the Hosote 26, a larger option, albeit it’s already small wheel size. This makes the 24 variant the best choice if you have kids who you want to train for mountain biking, thanks to its very small wheel size.

This makes it a very comfortable bike if what you’re looking for are portability and maneuverability. It’s also the bike of choice for trail riders because you can easily do bunny hops and jump on urban obstacles with this one.

Another main thing that makes this stand out is that it has a rigid fork. This means that there is no suspension fork or any suspension system here. It’s a trial bike that gives you maximum control because your movement directly equates to exact bike directions. All these make it one of the best mountain bikes under 600.

Features and components

The Hosote 24 might be the smaller version of the 26 variant, but it’s nothing short regarding functionality and features.

In fact, this is a better choice if you’re into doing tricks or you like the good ‘ole feel of BMX bikes on mountain bikes. This comes with an aluminum frame that’s very light and compact.

It also has a dual linear v-brake system for convenient braking power. We recommend that you don’t go too far out on extreme and steep downhill trails because you might encounter issues with its braking.

But if you’re just going to use it on the urban jungle and jump and ride on staircases with it, then you’ll fare pretty well with it, as most trials mountain bikes and hardtail bikes have this. And the best thing about this is its cool and sleek black aesthetic vibe that’ll make you want to ride it all the time.


  • Maneuverable
  • Responsive


  • Small wheels
  • Limited trail capabilities
  • Lacks suspension

Cube Access WS (Women’s Hardtail Bike)

The Cube Access WS is for you if you are a lady biker. This mountain bike is specially made for women because of its short wheelbase, lightweight frame, and maneuverable geometry.

The design also looks pretty neat and sleek. This makes it a great choice for those who want a low-profile and minimalist design. The suspension fork color even pairs up with the frame. You’ll also find the internal routing convenient because you don’t have to deal with loose cables for mountain bikes.

Features and Components

This has an SR Suntour XCE suspension fork up front and runs on Shimano’s 8×3 RD drivetrain. The Tektro brake set is also enough to stop you from your tracks on descents. The rims are stock Cube wheels partnered with Schwalbe Smart Sam tires. The cockpit and saddle are also stock Cubes.


  • Versatile use
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Sleek low-profile design


  • Unstable on rocky terrain
  • Imprecise shifting

Hiland H200

Here comes another Hiland mountain bike, the Hiland H200. This is similar to the H300 version, but this one’s more geared towards smaller riders.

It has a very light aluminum frame packed with multiple features, making this a nice choice for biking on paved roads and highways or going to light singletrack trails. It’s a good mountain bike, especially if you’re still new to mountain biking.

The main characteristics of this bike are its playfulness because of its lightweight structure. If you want to get a good feel of mountain biking, then it is best that you start with this one. It’s not hard to learn because it is easily controllable and maneuverable.

Features and components

The Hiland 200 features a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain with wide gear options and precise shifting quality. It is what you need if you are looking for a bike that can easily climb uphills.

But don’t underestimate this bike, as it’s not just an ordinary cross-country powerhouse. This can also thrash entire downhill sections as long as there are not many rocks, roots, or sketchy obstacles.

This mountain bike has aluminum alloy wheels wrapped with slick cross-country trail tires. You’ll surely be awestruck with its stunning special spoke design that breaks wind resistance, making you faster when biking on highways.

The frame size measures 17 inches as well, making this an ideal bike for short and medium-height people.


  • Unique design
  • Fast-rolling tires


  • Awkward looks
  • Unreliable drivetrain

Eurobike G4

Eurobike G4 Folding Mountain Bike 26 Inches 3 Spoke Dual Suspension Folding Bike 21 Speed Adult Foldable Bike (G4 Mag Green)

The Eurobike G4 made it to the list of best mountain bikes for beginners and budget-conscious riders who want an entry-level mountain bike or suspension bike, thanks to its value-for-money characteristic.

It is a full-fledged folding mountain bike. But it’s not your ordinary bicycle as this one’s fully capable of going to the trails.

This is a great choice if you don’t have enough storage space for your bike because you can just simply fold it, and it’s good to go on any small cabinet or corner.

If you’re not that keen on aggressive trails, downhill descents, or even aesthetics, then you will go pretty well on this.

Also, don’t worry if it seems like an awkward-looking bike because that’s the whole point of it. This makes it a top choice for those who want to look and stay unique because of its unorthodox design.

Imagine having a commuter folding bike that also serves as a full-on mountain bike. It’s surely a treasure trove of wonder because of its rich functionality and features. This mountain bike is all about practicality, so it’s best for getting the best bang for your buck bike.

Features and components

The Eurobike G4 is not your ordinary mountain bike because it has full folding bike functionality with the structure of a full-suspension bike. This means that you can fold it fully from its main frame.

It’s the perfect choice if you live in a congested urban jungle or a small apartment or pad because you can just fold it, and it’ll fit any corner you put it into. It features wide urban-designed tires that provide maximum grip and traction on pavement.

What also sets this mountain bike apart from other folding bikes is that it has a full suspension mountain bike system thanks to the front suspension fork and rear shock.

What’s even better is that the rear shock has an air suspension design, making this even lighter and more portable. Riders with a height of 5’4 to 5’9 will do great on this. You will also find unique aerodynamic spokes for easy gliding on windy sections.


  • Suspension system
  • Folding feature


  • Safety hazards on trails
  • Short handlebars

Hiland Gamille

Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike for Women,21/24 Speed with Lock-Out Suspension Fork,Dual disc Brakes,Aluminum MTB,Adult Ladies Womens Mens Bicycle,Green

The Hiland Gamille is the best choice for women who want to experience mountain biking in its rawest form.

But this isn’t just a bike made for the trails as you can also use this on paved roads or as a service for running errands to and fro the store. This makes it a very versatile bike that can go anywhere you like without you worrying if it can handle varied terrains.

Aside from that, this is also one of the coolest-looking builds in this review roundup, thanks to its bright cyan and red color combination.

This makes it a head-turner, especially if you’re biking around town with crowds around you. It’s specifically designed for women, so it is a good fit for lady riders. This also works great as a kid’s bike because of its small size.

Features and components

The Hiland Gamille boasts a modern geometry build with a low center of gravity. This improves stability without compromising speed and aerodynamics.

It has a lockout fork upfront which absorbs vibrations and impacts, allowing you to have a comfortable ride. You’ll find a 3×8 drivetrain on this, which means it has a 21-speed gear ratio, allowing you to climb uphills and go downhills fast.

The main selling point of the Gamille is its lockout fork which you can lock if you are climbing uphills. Locking it means that the fork doesn’t move, and it transforms into a rigid fork, thus making it easier to climb because of the better momentum.

This comes with 26-inch wheels that are ideal for women because of their small size and radius. It might be a bit hard to go through difficult technical sections, but its compact nature makes it more nimble and playful out on the trails.

It also is easier to maneuver around traffic, which is just what you need if you’re a lady rider.


  • Stunning colorway
  • Modern frame geometry
  • Nimble and maneuverable


  • Inaccurate shifting
  • Slippery pedals

GT Aggressor Comp Bike

GT is another well-known brand that manufactures quality mountain bikes. This is made well with the GT Aggressor comp.

This is one of the sleekest-looking bikes because of its versatile geometry and striking design. The tubes’ angles are also designed to take a minimal drag and improve maneuverability on tight trails.

Features and Components

This comes with a Suntour XCT coil fork with 100 mm of travel. This is enough for climbing and going through slightly rocky trails. It runs on a Shimano 3×8 Tourney drivetrain with Tektro mechanical disc brakes. The rims and tires are also from WTB, a renowned tire brand.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile geometry


  • Tires lack grip and traction
  • unreliable crankset

Eurobike X1

Eurobike EUR X1 Mountain Bike 27.5 Inch Regular Spoke Wheels Commuter Bike 21 Speed Mountain Bicycle for Unisex Youth/Adult BlackRed

The Eurobike X1 is a top choice for beginner mountain bikers who want to go the distance in epic riding.

What is great about the X1 is that it is made for long-distance rides. And even if it’s built for cross-country, it still has the capacity to go through rough trails without compromising safety and comfort, thanks to its front fork and wide gear ratio.

If you want something lightweight, capable, and stylish, this one should be one of your top picks.

It works well also if you want to use it as a commuter bike when going to work or school because of its conservative geometry. This means that you won’t have a hard time keeping up with your posture because you can sit upright when riding it.

Features and components

The Eurobike X1 features a 21-speed drivetrain which provides you the needed gear ratio when climbing up and descending downhills, whether on trails or paved roads.

You will also find a dual-disc braking system on this bike that provides maximum grip and power if you need to slow down or time your corners.

Remember that braking isn’t all about slowing down. Sometimes, ideal braking makes you go faster as long as you know how to use it. Aside from that, you also get free pedals, which is a huge plus because these are already expensive.

It has a full cross-country set cockpit, including the stem and handlebar. It also has a plush and comfortable saddle that provides the utmost comfort for long-distance rides. The slick cross-country tires add even more speed thanks to their high-rolling design.


  • Fast-rolling tires
  • Affordable


  • Outdated design
  • Cheap pedals


Mountain biking is an expensive sport. But you don’t need to spend a truckload’s worth of cash to enjoy the sport. There are some budget models out there that can give you the same level of experience as the premium ones. You just have to compromise things a bit.

That’s not a deal-breaker, though, because the bikes we’ve mentioned are durable, safe, and downright cool!

So, what is the best mountain bike under 600?

Well, just choose any of the ones above! It all depends on your preference. Consider important factors such as type, material, and design. Couple that with the benefits you’ve learned, and you’ll get the best one for you.

Just enjoy your ride and go beyond your comfort zone a bit. When you do, then you’ll enjoy mountain biking even more.

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