16 Best Bike Trainer for Mountain Bike of 2023

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Mountain biking isn’t for the weak.

This is why it’s important to improve endurance and cardiovascular strength. One good way to do that is through the help of a bike trainer.

These machines let you pedal whenever you like in the comfort of your own home. It’s just like a stationary bike. But only better! This is because you must connect your bike’s rear wheel to it. You then ride your bike and pedal with your preferred resistance.

But it’s hard to choose the one for you because of the many choices.

That’s why you need to choose the best bike trainer for mountain bike.

Below are some of the best options you can choose from. We’ll also discuss their features, pros, cons, and who they’re best for.

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Intey Bike Trainer


  • It is very stable to pedal even if you are in hard resistance.
  • It’s made from premium thick carbon. This makes it very durable and reliable.


  • It isn’t an eye-catcher because of its simple looks.
  • The manual instructions are a bit hard to understand.

Intey Bike Trainer is one of the best choices because of its high adjustability. It features 6 adjustable levels of resistance. This goes well with its real road condition simulations. You won’t be short of customization with this one.

The first two levels are flat ground rides. While levels 3 to 4 are like sand rides. Meanwhile, levels 5 to 6 are uphills. It also has a remote controller mounted directly on the handlebar. This lets you easily adjust your preferred resistance level.

This smart trainer features a dual-support design structure that makes it very stable. It’s also made from premium high-carbon steel that gives high load capacity.

There’s even an anti-slip rubber pad and bracket support for maximum comfort. This is a great choice for beginners because you don’t have to balance yourself. Simply pedal at your own pace, and you’re good to go.

Unisky Bike Trainer

Unisky Bike Trainer Stand Indoor Riding Steel Bicycle Exercise Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel Magnetic Stationary Stand fits for 26-28inch, 700C Wheel

The Unisky Bike Trainer is another choice you can consider. This is a great option if you don’t want to compromise your bike ride because of bad weather.

Directly mount it and connect your wheel to the trainer. And you’re set to cycle! It comes with two knobs on each side. This gives you a dual-locking system that locks your bike in place. It’s a great way to stabilize your ride with unhindered support.

It also has a dual-support structure coupled with a substantial premium frame. It’s got a front wheel riser block that prevents wobbles and vibrations. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Along with anti-slip rubber feet.

Another nice thing about this trainer is its noise reduction feature. Its wheels are very silent, so you won’t get distracted when pedaling.

It’s best if you use slick tires to reduce vibration. But any tire will do. This is a nice choice if you have limited space. It’s very portable thanks to its foldable design.

This trainer is made from premium steel and is considered a magnetic resistance type. It also fits 26-inch to 27.5-inch wheels.


  • It is very easy to set up thanks to its minimalistic design
  • This doesn’t make any noise.


  • The resistance isn’t too strong. You might need something that gives more resistance.
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BalanceFrom Bike Trainer

BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand with Front Wheel Riser Block

Then there’s the BalanceFrom Bike Trainer. It’s a great choice if you want a sleek-looking smart trainer for your mountain bike. One of the main features of this trainer is its versatile design. It goes both for mountain bikes and road bikes.

This means that you won’t have any compatibility problems. It also works on any surface and simulates the real feel of cycling. It has rubber feet that prevent floor scratches.

This complements its wide base and low standing point well to improve balance. The weight load capacity is 330 lbs, making this ideal for adults and heavier cyclists. The installation process is also straightforward, thanks to its simple mechanism.

Toggle the quick-release clamp and connect it to your rear wheel. You have eight resistance settings to choose from, all of which are run by magnetic resistance.

The resistance controller is even located at the handlebar. This makes it easy for you to adjust its resistance. This smart trainer weighs 19.7 lbs., which is average for its class.


  • It is easy to install thanks to its clear manual guide.
  • It is an effective training method to ride at home.
  • It comes with 8 resistance settings to choose from. That’s a lot compared to other direct drive smart trainers.


  • Shifting to another resistance level has a bit of delay.
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ProRide Indoor Bike Trainer

ProRide Indoor Bike Trainer Stand Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel with Bike Phone Holder

You might also like the ProRide Indoor Bike Trainer. This is one of the sturdiest smart trainers because of its ultra-wide base. The stance is also seated low to improve balance and lessen vibrations. It comes with five adjustable foot stands you can easily adjust. This evens out the surface.

The ProRide trainer is made for maximum silence, thanks to its noise-reduction design. You don’t need to increase your music’s volume to avoid distraction. Because you won’t be distracted! You can also use road tires to ensure the utmost silence.

There are six resistance settings to choose from. This lets you train based on your level and stress preference. It also has a wide-range resistance curve to mimic different cycling conditions. You can even easily release your bike from it. Simply hit the lever clamp, and you’re free. This works on different bike sizes, like 26ers and 27.5-inch bikes. It also weighs a light 19.4 lbs. This is average, but it’s still lighter than most trainers.


  • It looks very stylish because of the bright green color.
  • It stays clamped and stable even if you move a lot on your bike.
  • The noise is very minimal especially if you use road tires.


  • This fits 26ers and 27.5-inch wheel bikes. But there are times when the sizing is a bit off.
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Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand

Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand for Indoor Riding – Portable Stainless Steel Indoor Trainer w/Magnetic Flywheel, Noise Reduction, 6 Resistance Settings & Bag – Stationary Exercise for Road & Mountain Bikes

The Alpcour Bike Trainer is what you need if you want to pedal whenever you like. It lets you ride your bike inside your home without any loud noise. It’s also a great choice to improve your fitness level and cardio endurance.

What’s nice about this trainer is it runs on magnetic technology. This makes it very quiet even if you use mountain bike tires. It has a flywheel mechanism that creates natural drag against the tires.

It replicates the real cycling experience in a very silent way. There are six resistance levels to choose from. This lets you choose your preferred resistance. It can also simulate different hill types like roads, uphills, and downhills.

The trainer is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. This ensures maximum durability and reliability even if you use this daily.

It might be a bit heavy. But that’s not a problem because you use this at home. It also includes a front wheel riser block and anti-slip rubber pads. This even connects to your bike in a matter of seconds. And you don’t have to use a tool!


  • It is very durable because of its robust stainless steel construction
  • You can choose from its 6 resistance level options with varying sloping levels


  • It’s a bit heavy as it weighs 20 lbs.
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Unisky Fluid Bike Trainer Stand

Unisky Fluid Bike Trainer Stand Indoor Riding Professional Stationary Bike Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel Steel Bicycle Exercise Training Stand for 26-29 inch or 700c Wheel

The Unisky Fluid Bike Trainer is another choice you can consider. What sets this apart from other trainers is its double lock system.

This ensures your bike won’t move even if you pedal very hard. It’s also one of the most stable trainers because it has a u-shape structure.

This avoids unnecessary wobbles and shakes. Its rollers are made from aluminum, ensuring a smooth and light pedaling performance. The flywheel mechanism is fluid-impelled, which makes it very similar to road cycling.

Another nice thing about the Unisky bike trainer is its foldable and portable design. You can store it anywhere you want because it’s foldable and lightweight. It’s also compatible with all bike sizes, whether 26ers, 27.5-inch, or 29ers.


  • It is one of the most silent smart trainers.
  • This is very easy to set up because of the clear manual guide.
  • The bike trainer performs very well because of its efficient shifting resistance.


  • The design is very simple and minimalist.
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Bike Lane Pro Trainer

Bike Lane Pro Trainer Bicycle Indoor Trainer Exercise Ride All Year , Black, 15.75" x 18.5

The Bike Lane Pro Trainer is another one you can choose. This is one of the most portable bike trainers because of its lightweight design. It also runs on an internal magnetic system that creates efficient resistance. This lets you easily shift your bike’s gears whenever you like.

This is designed for bikes that have a quick-release rear axle. It comes with five magnetic resistance levels you can choose from. There’s also a flywheel made from machined steel for a more natural pedal efficiency.

It includes a quick-release skewer and can fit 26-inch wheels. The smart trainer fits 26-inch and 27.5-inch bikes. Just make sure you don’t have a 29er bike.


  • It is very light and portable. You can bring it wherever you like without any hassle.
  • Shifting is smooth because of its magnetic resistance shifting.


  • There are only 5 resistance level options available.
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Deuter Bike Trainer

Bike Trainer, Magnetic Bicycle Stationary Stand for Indoor Exercise Riding, Portable, Quick Release Skewer & Front Wheel Riser Block Included

Deuter is a renowned brand when it comes to smart trainers. And it ensured they could keep up with their reputation with the Deuter Bike Trainer.

This features a vital structure that can support high load capacities. It forms a pyramid structure to support heavy individuals. It’s also very stable and can take on a maximum weight of 330 lbs. You can also connect 26-inch and 27.5-inch bikes on this one.

There are six levels of resistance you can easily adjust. This runs on a drive-by-wire device that lets you change resistance levels directly. Simply adjust the magnetic resistor and change the levels in seconds.

It doesn’t produce any noise because of its indoor resonance feature. Just make sure you use road tires on your mountain bike to lessen the noise.


  • The structure feels very premium because it runs on a solid ultra-wide base.
  • Vibrations are very minimal on this smart trainer.


  • The price is a bit too high compared to other brands.
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Saris Fluid2 Trainer

Saris Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer, Fits Road and Mountain Bikes, Compatible with Zwift App

The Saris Fluid2 Trainer is another nice choice if you want a reliable bike trainer. It is one of the sleekest-looking choices out there, thanks to its slim and low-profile design.

It features a fluid-resistance unit that gives a quiet ride. It also ensures a consistent ride that lets you keep up with its pace. It also has a progressive resistance that gives a wide resistance range. It’s what you need if you want a similar road-like feel.

Another nice thing about this is it’s compatible with Zwift and other cycling apps. You can use this one if you have a 26er, 27.5-inch, and 29er bike.

You can even have a 2.0 tire installed on this one. It has a steel quick-release skewer and three dropout spacing options. These are 120 mm, 130 mm, and 135 mm.

The trainer measures 20 inches by 22 inches by 7 inches. It weighs a very light 7.3 lbs.


  • It is very light because it only weighs 7.3 lbs. This is half the weight of most trainers.
  • This is very portable because of its low-profile design.
  • The design and aesthetics give this a premium look and feel.


  • It is reliable, but feels a bit flimsy because of its lightweight design.
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Veltuno Magnetic Trainer

Veltuno Magnetic Indoor Bike Trainer Stand w/8 Speed Level Wire Control Adjuster,Foldable & Lower Noise & Quick Release, Portable Bike Exercise Stand for Mountain & Road Bikes

The Veltuno Magnetic Trainer is a magnetic indoor bicycle trainer made of premium materials. This does a great job in drag creation because it replaces the real cycling experience. It is recommended you use road tires on your mountain bike.

This ensures a more silent ride on your trainer. This bike trainer features eight levels of fixed resistance. You can also adjust the stand into three options. You can put it to level 7 if you want the greatest resistance.

One of the main features of this smart trainer is its premium carbon steel structure. This gives it a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs.

It also includes anti-slip rubber pads underneath. As well as front wheel riser blocks. These prevent movement. It also helps you connect the bike in seconds. Simply release the quick lever, and you’re good to go. This can go well on 26-inch and 27.5-inch bikes.


  • It functions well and smoothly even if used regularly
  • The structure is made from premium carbon steel. This makes it very sturdy.


  • The design is very common with other bike trainers. It’s also colored black and isn’t very appealing.
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Walmann Bike Trainer

The Walmann Bike Trainer is one of the sturdiest bike trainers on the market. It features a foldable frame that makes it very portable. It’s what you need if you always go to different places. And you want to bring your trainer with you.

It is made from a heavy-duty stainless steel structure. This ensures a robust system that can take a lot of beating. It also has a wide base that makes it stable.

This goes perfectly well with its low stance that prevents shakes and vibrations. It comes with a front wheel riser block. There are also anti-slip rubber pads that prevent unnecessary movements.

It has a very smooth and silent magnetic system. This is made possible thanks to its reduced magnetic system. This works smoothly along its metallic smooth surface. You can use any tire with this one.

It comes with six levels of resistance settings. This gives you many options if you want to have a different experience. You can also easily adjust the levels with a simple flick switch.

The frame is portable because it is foldable. It’s also very easy to assemble with its clear instruction guide. 26-inch and 27.5-inch are compatible. But you can also use 29-inch wheels with thin widths. The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.


  • It is one of the most silent smart trainers in the market. It doesn’t produce any noise.
  • The performance is very smooth. Changing gears happens instantaneously.


  • 26-inch and 27.5-inch bikes can fit. But 29ers need to have thin widths to fit.
  • It produces vibrations because of its foldable design.

Sportneer Indoor Bike Trainer

Bike Trainer Stand - Sportneer Steel Bicycle Exercise Magnetic Stand for Road Bike with Noise Reduction Wheel for Road Bike

The Sportneer Indoor Bike Trainer features a wide base and low-ground stance. This makes it very stable and reliable even in high-paced indoor training. It comes with five adjustable foot stands. These all come with anti-slip rubber feet that work well on uneven flooring.

It has a smooth and seamless design for aesthetics. But this isn’t all for show because it also functions well. It has a noise reduction resistance setting that ensures a silent ride. Just make sure you use road tires instead of mountain bike tires. These don’t produce buzzing noises.

There are eight resistance settings you can choose from. The remote is mounted on the bar, which gives you easy access.

It also has a wide-range resistance curve. This simulates different cycling conditions. The trainer fits any mountain bike size. Another nice thing about this trainer is its smooth resistance wheel. This prolongs your bike’s lifespan.


  • Spinning is very smooth and easy on this one thanks to its resistance system.
  • The base is wide and low. This creates a stable platform you can exert pressure on.


  • The design is a bit off and dated.
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RAD Cycle Trainer

RAD Cycle Products Max Racer 7 Levels of with Smooth Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer Allows You to Work Out with Your Bike

Then there is the RAD Cycle Trainer. It’s one of the most silent bike trainers on this list. This is made possible thanks to its internal magnetic system.

This creates smooth shifting and resistance. There are also seven resistance levels to choose from. All of these simulate different kinds of road conditions.

The structure is also very stable and robust. It has wide legs and a strong frame making this trainer perform great. It even has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This ensures long-lasting durability.

One of the highlights of this trainer is its resistance controllers. These are directly clamped on your handlebar. You can also customize your workout with the different resistance levels.

The base has no-slip grips that stabilize the wheels. The trainer can also be folded easily. This can accommodate 26-inch up to 27/5-inch tires. The weight is 15 lbs., which is average for its kind. Meanwhile, the dimensions are 18 inches by 15 inches by 21.3 inches.


  • The base is very stable and sturdy because of its heavy weight.
  • The anti-slip feet do a great job. It doesn’t move and slip even if you have a slippery surface.


  • It’s not portable because it is heavy.
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Deuter Magnetic Trainer

Deuter aces the bike trainer industry again with their magnetic trainer. The Deuter Magnetic Trainer has an adjustable design that adapts to different bikes.

You can use any bike size on this one. It can fit 24-inch to 29-inch bikes. It doesn’t even matter if they run on thru-axles or quick-release levers. 

One of the best things about this trainer is its material. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This ensures maximum toughness and strength. It’s what you need if you want a high-intensity indoor bike trainer.

You can easily mount your front fork on this one. Any bike size works here, whether it’s a 24-inch or 29er. The frame, rollers, and stand are made from full aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, its foot cover is made from rubber.

It’s also very quiet because of its low-noise design. The structure is compact and can easily fit in any storage. It’s also foldable so that you can stack it anywhere you like. The fork mount’s height can be adjusted based on your height and preference.


  • This can be easily adjusted. The height, resistance, and speed settings are all adjustable.
  • It is made from very strong premium materials. This won’t break even if you use this regularly.


  • Its alloy material creates vibrations. This can be a bit uncomfortable through time.

Unisky Bike Trainer

Unisky Direct Drive Bike Trainer Smart Bike Trainer Stand for Indoor Riding, Compatible with Zwift and Bluetooth

The Unisky Bike Trainer is a bicycle trainer that works well on both mountain and road bikes. What’s great about this is it can fit any bike size. All bikes work on this, from 20-inch to 29ers. It’s also compatible with Shimano and SRAM cards.

It has an adjustable shim included in the base. You must put it on the hub if you have an 8/9/10 cassette. You can also directly edit this if you have an 11-speed cassette.

The Unisky Bike Trainer is a state-of-the-art option because it runs on Bluetooth. It even has an ANT+ connection on the direct drive trainer. You can easily connect the trainer to training apps like Zwift and Onelap. This keeps you up-to-date with your progress.

This is very silent because it has noise-reduction wheels. It’s also stable and steady thanks to its wide base and low stance. Maximum power is rated at 60 kph.


  • This uses Bluetooth technology for connectivity. You can keep an eye on your progress via the apps.
  • It looks very stylish and modern thanks to its sleek design and low-profile geometry.
  • It works great and is reliable even on different resistance levels.


  • It’s not very user-friendly because the operation is a bit complicated.
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Sibosen Bike Trainer

The Sibosen Bike Trainer is another choice that works great. This can convert any mountain bike into a stable indoor bike trainer. It’s what you need if you want to maintain all-season training.

What makes this stand out is its double-lock quick-release feature. It has two knobs with one on each side. This creates a dual-locking system that secures it in place.

You can also easily remove the press-down lever clamp with a simple push. It has a front wheel riser block and anti-slip rubber pads. These prevent movement and slippage.

There are five resistance levels to choose from. This gives you many resistance options depending on your preference. It’s just like the outdoors! It has a triangle structure base system that keeps it stable even in high-rev situations.

It can also fit 26ers, 27.5-inch, and 29ers. Another nice thing about this is its noise-reduction wheels. The maximum load capacity is 350 lbs. This means it can support even heavy and fat people.


  • The base is very stable because of its wide structure.
  • It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. This is higher than most average bike trainers.
  • It works smoothly even on different bike sizes.


  • There are only 5 resistance level options. Most bike trainers have 8 levels.
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The best mountain bike trainer is:

Choose the best bike trainer for a mountain bike to maintain a healthy body. This lets you exercise anytime you want. You don’t even have to worry about the weather outside. Get on your gear, ride your bike, and connect it to your trainer.

You can then cycle as hard or as long as you want. Just choose any of the best bike trainers mentioned above. Consider their features, durability, looks, and, most importantly, their price. Weigh them out and know which one fits you best.