How to Raise Handlebars on Mongoose Mountain Bike

Last Updated on October 2, 2022

Mountain biking is all about experiencing the thrill of Mother Nature while cycling through the mountains.

But doing so means you need to be in a comfortable riding position. One way to do that is by raising handlebars on a mountain bike. This improves your maneuverability and lets you control your bike even better while reducing back strain.

And one of the most popular mountain bike brands out there is Mongoose. There’s a good chance you might even have one!

If so, then it makes perfect sense to know how to raise handlebars on Mongoose mountain bike.

This not only gives you a comfortable and tailor-fit ride. But it also keeps you safe and out of harm’s way!

Tools You Need

  • 5 mm Allen wrench (if you have a threadless stem)
  • 6 mm Allen (if you have a clamp stem)
  • Hammer
  • Block of wood
  • 14 mm wrench

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Raise Handlebars on Mongoose Mountain Bike

Mongoose offers a variety of mountain bikes around the globe. They are even considered as one of the top bike brands in the market.

Mongoose bikes usually have a threadless headset and stem. These are hard to adjust if you don’t have specialized tools. Note that you need to customize your bike’s fit and placement so you can ride it most comfortably.

Here’s how to raise handlebars on mongoose mountain bike:

Step 1

Knowing the stem type is a crucial step before adjusting your handlebars. Most bikes have Quill stems. But you most likely have a threadless clamp stem on your Mongoose bike. This also means that you’ll have a limited capability in adjusting it.

low handle bar on bike

Step 2

Unscrew the bolt at the center of the head-stem, connected to your bike’s headset. This lets you move and pivot the handlebars.

adjusting handlebar using Allen wrench

Step 3

Unscrew the bolts connected to the handlebars. Note the placement of brake cables when you loosen and remove them. This lets you slide off the existing stem from the headset and replace it with a higher stem.

Unscrew the bolts connected to the handlebars.

Step 4

Stand in front of the bike facing forward. Align the handlebar with the frame and raise it at your preferred height. Adjust the handle bars to where you are most comfortable so you can easily stir it later.

Align the handlebar with the frame and raise it at your preferred height.

Step 5

Replace the bolts and handlebars of your new riser stem. Then put back the brake cables in their right positions.

Step 6

Place back the bolts for the stem and tighten them to the fork. Then go out and take your bike for a test ride to ensure everything is in place.

Adjusting Your Handlebars From Front to Back

Are you still not in a comfortable position after raising the handlebars? This might be because of the handlebar being too far or too close to the rider.

You can adjust the handlebars from front to back by loosening the clamp bolt in the stem’s front. Insert a 6 mm Allen wrench into the bolt head. Then turn it until the handlebar is loose.

Rotating the handlebar moves it closer towards the rider. Make sure you test it out first before placing the bolts back in place. Also, make sure they are not too loose or too tight.

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Knowing More About Threadless Stems

Threadless stems are a handlebar system that is lighter and stronger than clamp stems.

The stem and the steering tube are fused together. This eliminates the extra joint you’ll find in Quill stems.

Most racers prefer a low handlebar, so they can crouch better. This also makes them more aerodynamic.

Meanwhile, beginners prefer to align their handlebar with the seat or slightly above it. Go on a test ride to know the best height adjustment and position.


Learning how to raise handlebars on Mongoose mountain bike might seem unnecessary for many. But contrary to popular belief, this is one of the most important things to consider.

Not only does this provides better maneuverability and stability. But raising it to your ideal height also makes you more comfortable with your ride. Don’t just ride your bike at once. Get a good feel of it and make sure it fits you perfectly.

When you do, then you’ll surely have a better time out on the trails.


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