7 Best Mountain Bike Kickstand of 2023

Last Updated on July 29, 2023

Parking the bike is one of the biggest problems most newbie cyclists face. Sure, you can just lay it down and let the tip of the grips and pedals touch the ground. There’s no problem with that!

However, some people don’t like to see their bikes lying on the ground, even if that’s not an issue. Instead, they want to see their bike upright and firm. That’s where bike kickstands come in.

They are attached on the left-rear side of a bike and latch out when kicked. They are convenient because you don’t have to put your bike on the ground. You also don’t have to worry about slight scratches on your grips and pedals (even if that’s their original purpose!).

So, what is the best mountain bike kickstand to get? Read on to know more!

Fortop Support Kickstand

FORTOP Bike Support Bicycle Kickstand Adjustable Aluminum Alloy for 22

The Fortop Support Kickstand is made from aluminum alloy, known for its durability and reliability. It can be adjusted between 12 to 14 inches and 16 to 20 inches, making it fit any bike size. This works on 22-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, and 29-inch bikes. 

They’re easy to install, thanks to their simple frame structure. It also has a soft plastic grip to avoid frame scratches.

It has a foot made from non-slip reinforced plastic to ensure durability and safety. The clamp is also attached to bike hooks so that it won’t damage your rear triangle.


  • Durable – It is very stable thanks to its aluminum alloy structure. This can handle light to moderate vibrations especially if you ride on trails.
  • Sturdy construction- This is built well and sturdy as it doesn’t shake or get loose from your rear triangle. You are assured that this won’t fall off.


  • Adjustability – It’s easy to adjust but there’s a high chance you’ll readjust it after a few hours of riding.
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BV Bike Kickstand

BV Adjustable Bicycle Bike Kickstand with Concealed Spring-Loaded Latch, for 24-29 Inch Bicycles

Another choice for you is the BV Bike Kickstand. This has many features, making this a splendid choice for a mountain bike kickstand.

This rear-mount kickstand has a spring-loaded latch that conceals it so that it won’t ruin your bike’s appeal. You also don’t even need to use a tool to adjust its length, which makes this a very convenient bike stand.

They made the sole from non-slip material and its base from reinforced plastic. This ensures your stand won’t sink in the mud or slip off on wet cement or trails. It even has steel hexagonal bolts that prevent slippage.


  • Quality – This bike stand is reliable because it has bolts made from steel which prevents rusting. They also made the structure from reinforced plastic.
  • Fits any bike – This can fit various bike sizes, from 24-inch to 29-inch ones.


  • Extends too much – The kickstand sticks out too far from your bike. This can pose a threat because it can get stuck on roots or large stones.
  • Hard to tighten – The bolts are also hard to adjust because of their hexagonal shape.
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Sataway Bike Kickstand

Sataway Bike Kickstand Adjustable Rear Mount Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Kickstand for 24” 26” 700C 27.5” 28” inch Mountain Bike Adult Bike

The Sataway Bike Kickstand is for 24-inch, 26-inch, 27.5-inch, or 29er bike owners. Its shape and tightening mechanism make it easy to adjust.

This stand’s stabilization feature is highlighted, mounted on two points to avoid accidental slippage. It also has a non-slip foot that prevents slipping on wet pavement or trails.

Thanks to its rear mounting angle, you don’t have to tilt the bike to install the stand.

The Sataway kickstand is made from aluminum alloy, which makes this light and rust-proof.


  • Rigid and well-made – This is a sturdy and rigid kickstand because it doesn’t flex or bend. It’s a great buy if you have a heavy bike.
  • Stable – The stand also doesn’t easily move because of its straight shape. This means you don’t have to worry if your bike is parked on an inclined trail or road.
  • Easy Installation – It’s very easy to install. You don’t even need to use a tool!


  • Durability – It’s not the most durable kickstand. Use this with caution when riding through aggressive trails.
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ShareTime Bike Kickstand

ShareTime Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand with Concealed Spring-Loaded Latch, for 24-29 Inch Bike Kickstand

ShareTime Bike Kickstand works on smaller bikes with 16-inch and 18-inch wheels as well as dirt jump bikes with 24-inch wheels or 26-inch trail bikes.

To tweak the ShareTime kickstand to your settings, simply loosen the screw found in the middle with a wrench.

It’s made from alloy paired with non-slip rubber footings. This ergonomic kickstand is also comfortable to use because of its easy kick motion.


  • Lightweight< – The stand is very light. You might even forget you have a kickstand installed on your bike.
  • Affordable – It’s also priced just right, compared to other similar kickstands with the same quality.


  • Durability – Avoid using this on downhill trails because they can break if they hit something
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Leichten Bicycle Kickstand

LEICHTEN Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand Aluminum Alloy Bike Kick Stand for 26" 27.5

The Leichten Bicycle Kickstand is a reliable kickstand that isn’t just limited to mountain bikes. You can install it on BMX, road, or city bikes as well, making it versatile.

This kickstand made with solid aluminum alloy is also waterproof and anti-corrosive. They set a spring tension system in place to improve the kicking process. The kickstand’s bottom part functions like a duck’s foot because it provides excellent grip and skid resistance.

The Leichten Bicycle Kickstand looks good with a bright design and simple lines. There are also length adjustment screws at the back if you want to tweak its measurements.


  • Versatile – This fits any bike. It’s an all-in-one kickstand you can put into any bike you have.
  • Size – The size is ideal for its length. It doesn’t feel awkward even if you are in technical trail sections.
  • Aesthetics – The stand looks nice and good and adds good value to your bike.


  • Easily folds – This stand can easily fold which is a bit dangerous if you forget it’s there.
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Karetto Adjustable Bike Kickstand

Karetto features two hexagonal wrenches to ensure safety against vandals. It can only support 20-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch bikes.

You can adjust the length with a regular wrench tool. Simply loosen the screw’s middle portion to your preferences. This can be adjusted between 13 and 15 inches, which is ideal for on-road or off-road cycling.

What’s also nice about this is it already comes with two hexagonal wrenches.


  • Easy to Use – This is very easy to use because it comes with its wrenches. Simply unwrap the wrench and use it directly on the screws.
  • Sturdy kickstand – The structure of this stand is very sturdy and doesn’t vibrate or rattle when on the trails.


  • Awkward shape – The shape of the kickstand is a bit off because it can easily get stuck on rocks or roots

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Kbrotech Bike Kickstand

The Kbrotech Bike Kickstand is one of the finer-looking options on this list. But don’t take this lightly because it’s also very functional. It comes with a hexagonal wrench that allows easy tightening of the middle screw. You can adjust its height from 13.6 inches to 15/7 inches, which makes it very flexible.

It also fits various bikes like BMX, road, mountain, and even kids’ bikes. But note that the oval tube diameter should only be around 15 mm to 28 mm.

They made this stand from premium aluminum alloy. So you don’t need to worry about rust and slippage. Its anti-slip pad on the base provides a better grip on the surface.


  • Affordable – The stand is affordable compared to other brands with similar features. But what’s nice is that it doesn’t compromise durability!
  • Easy to install – This is very easy to install even for beginners.


  • Doesn’t absorb vibrations – The kickstand feels shaky if you ride on off roads. This can affect your balance especially if you’re still a bike newbie.

Buying Guide

Not sure which mountain bike kickstand to buy? Here are some factors to keep in mind when shopping for one:

  • Material -The kickstand’s material affects its durability and weight. Most kickstands are made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum makes for a lightweight kickstand, but steel is stronger and more durable.
  • Compatibility – Some kickstands are designed for a specific bike frame, model, or size, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing.
  • Adjustability – Look for a kickstand that has multiple height settings, so you can find the perfect fit for your bike.
  • Weight Capacity – If you have a heavier bike or plan to carry heavy loads, ensure that the kickstand can support the weight without bending or breaking.
  • Installation – Look for a kickstand that comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware. Some kickstands require special tools for installation, so make sure you have everything you need before beginning.
  • Price – While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, a higher-priced kickstand may be more durable and reliable in the long run. Determine your budget and choose a kickstand that fits your needs and price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of bike kickstands available?

BV Bike Kickstand, Center Mount Bicycle Stand - Length Adjustable, Foldable Double Leg for 24"-28

There are mainly two bike kickstands available in the market: single-leg kickstands and double-leg kickstands. Whether a single-leg kickstand or a double-leg kickstand is better depends on your specific needs and preferences. The former is generally lighter and less obtrusive, making it ideal for commuting and lightweight touring bikes. A double-leg bike kickstand can support heavier loads, making them a good choice for touring and cargo bikes.

What is the difference between the center and rear kickstand?

A center-mounted kickstand is in between the pedals and lifts the bike from the middle. A rear-mounted kickstand is at the back of the bike and lifts it from the rear wheel. Center-mount kickstands are generally stabler when parked on flat ground, but they can interfere with pedaling and are less stable on uneven terrain. Rear-mount kickstands are generally less intrusive and don’t interfere with pedaling, but they can be less stable on flat ground and may not work with certain types of brakes.

Are bike kickstands universal?

Yes. Any model of kickstand will suffice in working for a bike as long as you can create a balance point for which the bike can lean. However, some kickstands are specifically designed for certain types of bikes. In fact, commuter and kids bikes still come with kickstands.

Is it recommended to put a kickstand on a mountain bike?

It depends on your preference and the riding you’ll do. Some mountain bikers prefer not to use a kickstand, which adds extra weight and can get in the way during technical riding. However, a kickstand can be a useful addition if we plan to use our mountain bike for commuting or touring.

What are some alternatives to using a kickstand on a mountain bike?

You can lean your mountain bike against a tree or wall, use a bike stand, or lay the bike on the ground. However, these alternatives may not be as stable or convenient as using a kickstand.

What are the best kickstands for bikes with child seats?

Look for a kickstand that provides stability and supports the weight of the bike and the child. Double-leg kickstands are a good option for bikes with child seats as they provide extra stability.

Why are kickstands not commonly found on bikes anymore?

As mentioned, kickstands add extra weight and can get in the way during technical riding. Many modern bikes are designed for speed and agility; a kickstand can compromise these features. Additionally, some bike frames are incompatible with kickstands, making it difficult to add one.


Choosing the best kickstand for mountain bike ensures safety and convenience. And while you ultimately don’t need a kickstand, it’s great to have options since we all have different ways to ride mountain bikes.