What’s the Best Mini Pump for Mountain Bike of 2022?

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Bike pumps are lifesavers. Any mountain bike rider would know. Especially when you are out on the trails the whole day, even if the bike park has bike shops that cater to emergencies and bike needs, it is never a bad idea to carry around a mini pump. 

These pumps, either your trusty floor pump or your mini pump only serve one purpose and that is to inflate your mountain bike’s tires. The only difference is that you can carry the mini pump around with you. 

It is an essential part of your biking journey whether you are doing road biking or out on the trails.  But there is one aspect that we need to keep in mind at all times when choosing the right mini pump and this is that not all pumps are built with equal quality.

Pumps with higher price points are most often than not, built with more durable and better components. While cheaper pumps may perform as well, they may not be as durable as those of premium quality. 

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OneUP EDC Mini Pump

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OneUP is a trusted brand when it comes to mountain biking accessories and it does reflect on this pump.

This pump is made out of machined aluminum and that gives it a more premium feel. You do not also need to worry about breaking this pump if you crash with all of your gear with you.

This pump is a Presta valve-specific pump and is good at pumping up chunky tires. It also comes with a press-fit head that ensures maximum engagement. 


  • Well sealed casing – The pump is very capable of pumping out high volumes of air and is well sealed with solid construction. 


  • Small handle – The handle may be too small for some so be careful not to pinch your fingers.

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Topeak Race Rocket

The Topeak Race Rocket is another solid mini-pump that you should consider. This pump can cater to both Presta and Schrader valves and also comes with a hose attachment. 

The casing is made from aluminum and it also comes with a rubber grip making it very comfortable to use. While this is a high-volume pump, it is still capable of pumping up road bikes that require higher air pressure. 


  • Well sealed with good Dual-action – The casing is made out of machined aluminum also some of its internal components making it highly durable. 
  • Comes with hose and adaptors – The good thing about this pump is that it comes with a hose with different attachments to it. This is a plus if you are dealing with different kinds of valves. 


  • Flimsy frame mounting – The frame mounting of this mini pump is its downside. If you would opt to purchase this product, it is best to keep it in your bag rather than mounting it on the bike.

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Birzman Zacoo

The main difference between the Birzman Zacoo from other minipumps is that it comes with a pressure gauge. This is important especially if you are entering mountain bike races

The Zacoo also comes with a hose and the valve is capable of engaging onto both Presta and Shrader valves. This pump also comes with a bottle cage mount making it easier to latch onto your bike rather than keeping it in a bag. 


  • Quality valve head – The valve head this product is installed with is of premium quality that assures you that you do not lose air pressure or experience leaks while pumping up your tire. 


  • Road bike pressure scale – The only downside of this pump is that the scale of its gauge is for higher PSI. Mountain bikes normally use the lower end of the spectrum. 

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Lezyne Alloy Drive

This is quite comparable to ToPeak’s Race Rocket. It offers the same high-quality aluminum casing and has a great output volume efficiency. It also comes with a detachable hose that has a valve attachment that can cater to both Schrader and Presta valves. 


  • Great sealed casing – The alloy construction of the pump adds greatly to its durability, therefore, increasing its quality. It is also sealed very well that’s why it can pump out a very efficient volume of air for a pump of its size. 
  • Easy maintenance – The replacement parts for this can easily be sourced as well. Repair kits are sold online so you do not need to purchase a new pump if ever this breaks. 


  • Flexible frame mount – The only downside for this pump is that it has a flexible frame mount. Although it is not loose, it is flexible enough to rattle the frame. 

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Venzo High-Pressure Pump

If you are on the lookout for a high-pressure pump that you can use for your high-performance mountain bike forks, then this pump is for you. Although this cannot be used for tires, it may come in handy when you are doing tuning runs for your fork. 

Experience riders are quite aware that you will experience pressure loss when you are trying to disconnect the shock pump from the valve. This is not the case for Venzo’s shock pump. This way, you are always assured that the pressure does not change once you remove the pump from the valve. 


  • Capable of very high pressure – This is a high-pressure pump that is very capable of pumping out up to 300 PSI of pressure. This is an important aspect especially if you are dealing with downhill forks and rear suspension. This also comes with a dual face gauge, 1 for higher pressure settings and 1 for the lower pressure range. 
  • Accurate bleed button – The bleed button is not flimsy and works easily as intended unlike in other brands wherein it is hit or miss. 


  • For shock pump use only – Although you can use this to pump skinnier road bike tires, it is not recommended for mountain bike use aside from its shocks. 

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Marque Bike Pump

This mini bike pump from Marque comes from the lower end of the price spectrum. But this does not mean that it is compromised in terms of quality. 

This has an aluminum casing pump body and is well sealed. It also comes with a house that can attach to both Schrader and Presta valves. What’s great about this pump is that it has 2 modes. 

It can cater to your high volume and high pressure needs just like a floor pump as long as it is up to 120 PSI. You can easily switch between modes as well. And you can switch to high-pressure operation once the tires are already inflated.


  • Adaptability – What’s great about this pump is that it can be used for different purposes. Aside from interchangeable valves, its high volume and high-pressure modes are also very useful when you are out riding. 
  • Economical and durable – Another great feature of this is that it is not as expensive as the other brands and is feature-packed. It has the same aluminum construction but is available at a lesser price. 


  • Flimsy hose – Although the hose does its job very well, it is somewhat flimsy and may experience tears and leaks in the long run. 

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This pump from PRO BIKE TOOL is one of the most highly rated and is featured by Amazon. It comes from the mid-range price spectrum but can easily pass off as a premium product. 

This pump boasts higher volume output with a guaranteed 30% lesser strokes when pumping a tire to 30 PSI. The pump is constructed from CNC machined aluminum and is composed of high-quality and precise internals that are built to last. 

It comes with a hose that is both Presta and Schrader compatible and it also features a thread-on valve connection that ensures that no leaks will be experienced by its users. 


  • Premium build quality – The PRO BIKE TOOL mini pump is made from high-quality aluminum that ensures high durability. This is also true for its internals to ensure 100% quality output at all times.
  • Secure frame mount – The pump comes with a frame mount that secures it in place without any rattle. A security strap is also added to aid in keeping the pump in place during rough rides. 


  • Can only be used as a tire pump – Although it boasts higher volume output and also has a higher pressure range, it can only be used for lower PSI tires like a floor pump. This tool is not recommended for shock pump use. 

Or get it from Pro Bike Tool

Topeak DA Pump

If you are on a budget and are looking for a quality compact pump, then this pump from Topeak is perfect for you. This is a no-fuss dual-action pump that is able to inflate high-volume tires like how a floor pump does in a very short amount of time. 

That is because it delivers on both strokes and has a high volume output design. This pump is compact, well-sealed, and constructed out of high-grade aluminum. 


  • Dual-action – This feature lets you pump air even if you are on the outer stroke thus lessening the time it takes to pump a tire significantly. 
  • Highly compatible – One of its main features is that it is compatible with all kinds of air valves. And this includes Schrader, Presta, and Dunlop valves.


  • No hose – The only downside of this budget pump is that it does not come with a hose. Pumping is a bit more challenging and you would need to swap out parts on the pump head to adapt to different types of valves.

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Vibrelli Mini Pump

Another great pump from the budget range is this product from VIbrelly. It is quite comparable to Topeak’s DA pump but has a slightly better design. 

It comes with a clever valve that you do not need to swap out to adapt to both Schrader and Presta valves. It also has a telescopic design which allows you to switch from high-volume operations to high-pressure ones. 


  • Highly convenient – Since you do not need to swap out parts to adapt to different valve types, it makes the product appeal to many riders. This also means that leaks are avoided due to swapping out internal parts for different operations. 
  • Comes with a puncture repair kit – What adds value to this product is that it comes with a patch kit from Vibrelli. If you are running tubes on your tires then this is perfect for you. The patch kits are glueless as well making the repair process easier. 


  • Too many moving parts – The only downside for this is that it has too many moving parts. Its telescopic design that is common on a floor pump may result in leaks in the future or it can easily break down due to wear and tear

Or get it from eBay

Types of Pumps 

Same as with a floor pump or track pump, mini pumps also come with different types of valve heads depending on the tire valve that you will be using them on. Some come with universal valve heads and although they may seem like a no-brainer, their engagement is often hit or miss. 

The ones that come with swappable inserts are more effective based on reviews. These pumps also come in different pressure varieties. Same as with a floor pump, hand pumps come in either high volume or high pressure. 

The high volume variety is great for pumping up large and chunky tires while the high-pressure variety is perfect for those skinny road tires and can even be used as a shock pump if it comes with a gauge. 

You can differentiate between both pumps by looking at the label. High-pressure pumps are labeled as HP while high volume pumps are labeled as HV. 

Why bring a mini pump every ride?

Every cyclist should know what they would need to carry when out on rides regardless of what type of riding that you do. While we could rely on our peers or riding buddies, it is not always ethical. And besides, there are also times wherein you will be riding alone. 

Riders also have the option to carry CO2 instead of a mini pump. Although it is smaller and more convenient, it also carries a certain amount of risk. There is always the possibility of misuse or accidents. But if you are carrying around a mini pump then you do not need to worry about all of this. 

However, as discussed earlier, not all mini pumps are made equal thus the purpose of this article. Stick around as we sift through the best mini pumps that you can buy for your mountain bike.

Features to Consider When Buying a Mini Pump

Perhaps one of the features that you need to look at when choosing the right pump is its design. There are little details that we sometimes fail to consider, that would make a workable pump the best pump among the others. 

One aspect is ergonomics. This is specifically important because it makes operating the pump much easier. This is especially true when you are out on the trails and your hands are sweaty. Sometimes you will end up spending more time and energy pumping up the tire than you would need to. 

Another great feature that you must consider is mini pumps that have hose extensions. When you are using hoseless pumps, there is always the risk that you will break the valve head thus resulting in more damage. And besides, pumping with a hose connector is easier in that regard. 

But still, having a hose can impact the overall quality of the pump itself. That’s why it is best to choose the product with the most durable hose possible. You can also choose a flexible hose pump that has a valve core tool for maximum pump pressure that is needed on mountain bike tires.

If you are planning to mount your mini pump on your bike then look for one that is weatherproof and is sealed from dust and dirt. Having your pump exposed to the environment may add to its wear and tear thus degrading its durability. 

Having an air pressure gauge is also a good feature, but do you need that? You can always familiarize different tire pressures through feel. One thing that is common in mountain biking is crashes, and sometimes it happens even if we do not expect it. 

An air pressure gauge is quite brittle and may result in rendering your mini pump useless. You can always opt for the most durable ones.

And besides, mini-pumps should be treated as an emergency-only tool. If you need an accurate reading on your tire pressures, you can always use a floor pump that can give you a better and more accurate reading on your tires. Floor pumps are always more powerful and capable.


The best mini pump for mountain bikes is:

A mini pump is an essential tool especially if you are a mountain biker. And when you are out enjoying your bike, you will never know when a puncture will happen especially if you are running tubed tires. 

And even if you are running tubeless tires, having one in your bag or mounted on your bike is still equally important. If you’re out riding, always carry around a repair kit and this includes your mini pump. Having a patch kit and an extra tube is great as well.

The products above are some of the best that you can purchase out on the market, the type that you would need is entirely up to your preference.

Our pick for the best mini pump for mountain bike is...

Topeak Race Rocket MT Bike Pump, Black
Topeak Race Rocket MT Bike Pump

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