What Is Special About Mountain Biking Shorts?

Mountain biking is not just about knowing the kind of bike you need. You also need to consider a lot of things that can affect your riding performance. One of the most important things is the shorts, or more specifically, mountain biking shorts.

Mountain biking shorts are essential for mountain biking because this allows you better flexibility and ensures safety. But then again, it’s more than just that.

This article will dive deeper into mountain biking shorts by showing you their benefits and tips when choosing one. We’ll also show you what makes them different from the spandex lycra shorts road cyclists wear.

Benefits of Wearing Mountain Biking Shorts

Safety and protection

The best thing about mountain biking shorts is that they are made for maximum safety and protection.

Mountain biking is more dangerous than regular cycling because you go to the trails and ride on rough roads. There’s a good chance you’ll fall off your bike and crash.

Well, wearing the right outfit, in this case, the trail-specific shorts, is going to lower the chances of injuries and scratches. These shorts are thick enough to protect your skin against abrasion. They also cover a larger part of your legs so they aren’t exposed that much.


Knowing that you are well protected against the elements makes you more confident. You start to boost your performance knowing that you are wearing the right outfit.

You feel more comfortable and at ease with your riding style, that you become faster and better at riding downhills and uphills.


Another nice thing about mountain biking shorts is that it is very flexible. Unlike the lycra shorts that road cyclists wear, the best mountain bike shorts are more flexible because of their loose fit.

They don’t take the shape of your legs, unlike lycra. This allows better flexibility and more range of movement, which is very crucial for tackling technical sections in downhill trails.

You need to freely move your body and shift your weight from one side to another so that you won’t fall off your bike.


Then there comes the element of aesthetics. There is no doubt that you look cooler if you are in a mountain biking outfit, compared to a road cycling one where you have your clothes tightly fit on your slender body.

What’s nice about mountain bike shorts is that they look nice on you, whether you are riding your bike or going out for a casual walk.

You look cooler and better because you have normal-looking shorts, as opposed to the fitting lycra that roadies and some cross-country bikers wear.


You can wear baggy mountain bike shorts for biking or for casual occasions. This is one of the biggest benefits you can get from it.

You can just lock your bike in one corner and comfortable walk your way down the restaurant or coffee shop you want to eat in and revitalize yourself without having to change your attire. Mountain bike gear, such as knee pads and mountain bike shorts padded, are very versatile, making them a great buy.


These shorts are also very functional, in the sense that you can do a lot of things with them.

One good example is that they come with multiple pockets where you can store various things such as your smartphone, wallet, cash, or even tools. You won’t find these in regular lycra cycling shorts.

Also, note that there are already shorts that have a breathable stretch mesh with sonic welded seams to ensure the comfort and breathability of mountain bike riders.

Can baggy shorts slow you down?

Yes, but just a bit. And frankly speaking, it doesn’t really matter because what matters most in mountain biking is your technical skill.

The ability to traverse very technical trails with boulders and roots and your level of courage are some of the things that have a huge effect on your speed.

It’s not your shorts. Note that aerodynamics is not the main factor in your performance because you aren’t riding in open and smooth paved roads.

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Are mountain bike shorts heavy?

Not that much. But when compared to lycra shorts, they’re undoubtedly heavier because they have zippered pockets and belt loops that is ideal for more aggressive riding styles and casual trail ride or trail riding. But then again, that’s not a problem because you’ll get used to it. You also have the option to put your money, phone, or tools on your backpack and not on your shorts so it won’t be heavy.


Mountain biking shorts are an essential part of mountain biking. This isn’t just about wearing the right outfit or the best mountain bike shorts.

But it’s also about ensuring safety, the flexibility of movement, and functionality above anything else. The aesthetics and the fact that it makes you look cool wherever or whenever are an added bonus, though.

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