Knowing the right mountain bike maintenance tips is important if you want to become a full-fledged mountain biker.

But what are the best ways to do this? And what tools do we need to have to properly maintain and service our bikes?

That’s what this section is about. Here, we will be showing you all you need to know about bike maintenance, as well as the tips, benefits, and best tools you can get.

What Do You Need to Know About Maintaining a Mountain Bike?

Best cleaning tips

The best thing you can do to maintain your bike is to make sure that it’s clean every after you ride it. If you rode on a muddy trail, then you should wash it thoroughly as soon as you reach the house.

This way, the metal parts of your bike won’t rust. Also, don’t use a very strong pressure washer because this can enter the nooks and crannies of your bearings, which can then rust it afterward.

Maintenance tools needed

The most important maintenance tools you need are hex or Allen keys, a portable mini multi-tool, a bike repair stand, and brushes that you’ll use to clean the bike.

Best practices for bike maintenance

We recommend you bring your bicycle to the local bike shop for overhaul service maintenance. This includes total re-greasing, checking and replacement of damaged parts, and tune-up.

Although the frequency depends on how often you ride, we recommend that your bike goes through overall maintenance every six months for optimal performance.

Recommended MTB Tools to Use for Maintenance

Bikehand Bike Repair Stand

Having your own bike repair stand is important so that you can properly do all the things need for your bike’s maintenance.

One of the best choices out there is the Bikehand Bike repair Stand, which is made from light aluminum alloy coupled with heavy-duty clamps and plastic structures. It can also be folded, making this compact and well-designed.

It features a 360-degree quick-release rotation knob and can hold a maximum of 25 kilos. This also has a magnetic tool plate where you can place your tools when you are changing your brake pads for your rear wheel, bike chain, rear shock, or front chain rings.

This also makes it easier for you to adjust the tire pressure and brake lever as well as tune up all the gears of your rear derailleur for its regular bike maintenance.

Crankbrothers Multi-Tool

The Crankbrothers Multi-tool is a must-have that you should bring with you whenever you ride. This is very lightweight and portable, that it can even be easily stored on your pockets and you won’t notice it’s there.

It comes with hex wrenches, Phillips, a spoke wrench, and a torex t-25. These are all you need if ever you experience some technical issues on your bike when you’re out riding.

Park Tool Hex Wrench Set

Then there is the Park Tool Hex Wrench Set. It includes steel hex wrenches that are industrial-grade and has a high-torque setting that is ideal for mountain biking, especially when it comes to fixing a flat tire, or doing a test ride.

This is made even better with a ball end on the outer-most side alongside short arms that make it easy to reach bolt heads on. You’ll also find chamfered tips and a tool organizer and holder for added convenience.

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