How Much Is A Paint Job For A Mountain Bike

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

Having a new paint job on your mountain bike is one of the best ways to improve its aesthetics and tune it based on your own preferences. It’s not all about the design and color, but it’s also about customizing it to reflect your own personality and riding style.

There are several ways to get custom paint jobs for bicycles with each of them having their own kind of pricing. The price will also depend on the parts and the type of bike you’re using.

Here, we will talk about the cost that it would take to get a paint job for your bike.

Cost for a Paint Job for a Mountain Bike

The cost for a paint job for a mountain bike will depend on the design and the paint that will be used for painting them.

Some designs will look more complex and which will give the painter a more hard time to create it.

The average price that you can set to get your bike an expert paint job will usually be around $300 to $500 dollars.

Options and Cost for Doing a Custom Paint Job


A DIY paint job is the cheapest method of doing a custom paint job for your bike. You can just do it all by yourself and you’ll just need to buy a primer and topcoat.

It’ll only cost you just about $50 to $80 dollars, although the quality of the job will only depend on how good you are as a painter.

Bike Brand Options

Several bike brands like Trek, Orange, and Orbea offer several custom paint options for you to choose from. Although the number of paint designs are limited, you can have your own preferred paint job for your bike right after buying a brand new one. It’ll only cost you a few dollars for an additional custom paint job for your bike.

Specialized Custom Painters

Specialized custom painters are very skilled and artistic in designing and painting your own custom bike. There are several painters to choose from like Fatcreations, Kustom Flow, and Ooey Custom Paint.

They usually have rates around $250 to $550 dollars and will go more depending on the parts you want to be painted and for the custom decals.

The Best Type of Paint for a Paint Job

The Best Type of Paint for a Paint Job

People who paint their bikes by themselves usually use spray paint, which is very cheap and can sometimes give out excellent results. Though, in order to get a paint job that makes your bike look like a brand new car, it’s better to use a powder coat.

Powder coating a bike can create that look that your paint job came out from the factory. Every custom painter uses this paint to get the best output, with each of them having their own specific method to make the paint look better.

Paint Job on Carbon vs Aluminum

Painters will usually ask more to do a custom paint job on a carbon frame compared to an aluminum one.

Although they’ll still use powder coating on it, the stripping, painting, and drying process is much more difficult as there are chances that the carbon can delaminate and weaken.

Top 3 Custom Bike Painters


Fatcreations is one of the most well-known custom bike painters that’s able to give you the best results when painting your bike. The owner is a former pro downhill racer and pro mountain bikers have already gone to him to get a custom paint job for their bikes.


If you’re looking to get an excellent paint job for not just your bike, but also for your bike shoes and helmet, the Kustomflow can give you this service. They offer an exceptional quality output that can exceed your expectations with a negotiable price that’s fit for their work.

Ooey Custom Paint

Ooey Custom Paint offers services to not only mountain bikes but also road bikes. Their paint job can hit through the tube of the frame’s finish, making them have a look of a brand new sports car.

They offer a fair price for their work, although it can be expensive for some people.

Will the Cost of the Paint Job Depend on the Bike?

Will the Cost of the Paint Job Depend on the Bike

Aside from the size of the bike, the design and the painter you’re hiring for the custom job will also be enormous factors on the price. You also must take into account the parts you want to make a paint job such as the frame, fork, and rims.

Each of these parts has its own pricing, so definitely plan on your design and budget before painting your bike.


It’s always an excellent idea to get the best painter whenever you want to get a custom paint job. Although they might seem expensive, they’re able to bring your dream bike into life.

You can also buy the right colored components to match the color scheme of your newly painted bike.

Images used in this post are courtesy of Sudario Customized Airbrush.

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