7 Speed Bike Gears Explained

7 Speed Bike Gears Explained

Mountain bikes are powered by drivetrains that are responsible for the continuous movement of these two-wheeled vehicles. Without these, bikes won’t move and the pedaling motion that you do will be useless. But how do … Read more


How to Fix Bike Gears That Won’t Shift

Bicycles are powered by a manual drivetrain that includes a shifter that controls the cogs, derailleur, and chain. This system is what allows your bike to move and lets you control your bike’s speed. And … Read more

How Mountain Bike Gears Work

Mountain bikes move thanks to their drivetrain. This drivetrain is also commonly known as gear. Many are into mountain biking, but most still don’t know how gears work and how the chainring and cassette sprockets … Read more

How to Change a Gear Cable on a Mountain Bike

How To Change A Gear Cable On A Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are specially designed for rough and varying terrain. This makes them more exposed to the elements compared to other bike types. This also means that they must be capable of efficiently climbing steep … Read more