The Best Mountain Biking Gifts to Buy Your Biker Friends

Last Updated on August 12, 2022

Mountain biking is a fun sport. You get on your bike and head to the mountains along with your friends to go out for an adventure.

This is why mountain biking is so much better compared to other cycling disciplines. You don’t have to push yourself to be as competitive as possible. Sometimes, it’s just a way for you to relieve yourself of stress and bond with your mates.

It’s all about building a community and network of like-minded individuals who want to stay fit and healthy while enjoying Mother Nature on two wheels. What better way to make your buddies feel special than by giving them some biking gifts? These can come in the form of essentials, tools, or even outfits and gears.

In this article, we’ll show you the best mountain biking gifts to buy your biker friends. We will also tell you the top brands to choose from and the considerations to make.

100% Strata 2

100% Strata 2 Sand Motocross & Mountain Bike Goggles - MX and MTB Racing Protective Eyewear (Black - Smoke Lens)

Gifting your bike buddies with a pair of goggles is the best thing you can do if you want to get a good smile on their faces.

The 100% Strata 2 is one good choice you can consider. This is specifically made for mountain biking, motocross, or ATV riding that ensures that no debris or dust can enter your eyes when you’re out in the open.

It has a sand and dust-resistant design with the help of its closed-cell foam. This filters out even the smallest dust particles.

The frame is made from flexible urethane that ensures a comfortable fit all day long. This goes well with a dual-layered ultra-thick foam that manages moisture. There’s even an additional pair of clear lenses.


  • Its frame can take a lot of beating even if you use it ruggedly.
  • There are many design options to choose from that vary in color and style.


  • The strap can easily get loose and saggy if you wear it all the time.
  • There are already many fake 100% goggles sold in the market.
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Troy Lee Designs Ace

Troy Lee Designs Mens | Trail | XC | Mountain Bike | Ace 2.0 Glove (Black, XL)

Troy Lee Designs is a staple brand when it comes to mountain biking gears just like its counterpart Pearl Izumi. And if you’re looking for a cheap, yet valuable gift for your loved one, then the Ace gloves might just be what you like.

This is a stylish-looking pair of gloves that are made specifically for mountain biking. The material is made from 50% synthetic leather, 30% polyester, and 20% polyurethane and elastane. This makes it one of the best gifts for mountain bikers.

It has a pull-on closure, making this ideal for any mountain biking discipline, be it enduro, downhill, or cross-country.


  • There are multiple designs to choose from, which vary in color.
  • The fabric feels pretty solid and durable. It won’t easily rip if it hits something.


  • The fit is perfect and doesn’t feel awkward on your hands.
  • It is not recommended for cross-country use because heat can easily build up inside.
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Troy Lee Designs Raid

Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard - Black X-Large/2X-Large

Gift your bike buddy a knee guard, and you’ll surely keep them smiling all day long! One good choice is the Troy Lee Designs Raid which protects your knees against scrapes and crashes while making you look cool and nice on the trails.

This gear is ideal and is one of the best gifts for mountain bikers for enduro riders who want the utmost protection without compromising pedal efficiency. It is made from flexible neoprene and soft mesh construction.

It also has an abrasion-resistant cover and a silicone gripper, so you won’t feel uncomfortable if you wear it for long periods. There’s even a polyurethane calf band for maximum comfort. There are three size options to choose from in this knee pad gar. These are XS/S, M/L, and XL/XXL.


  • It is one of the most breathable knee pads on the market.
  • Your pedaling motion won’t feel restricted with this one because of its soft flexible materials.
  • It looks nice and cool because of its sleek design and low-profile structure.


  • It’s not for aggressive downhill riding because the padding is slightly thin.
Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard - Black X-Large/2X-Large

Adidas Five Ten Freerider Pro

Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoes Black/Black/White

Proper mountain biking shoes are essential for mountain bikers. It’s a requirement for you to be called a real mountain biker!

Let your friends realize this and gift them the Adidas Five Ten Freerider Pro. It is a flat pedal shoe that acts like its clipless variant because of its very sticky soles that ensure you stay on your pedal and bike. It’s got great flat pedal control and impact coverage.

This gear is also made from a quick-drying synthetic upper that is also water-resistant. This features Five Ten’s exclusive and all rights reserved Stealth S1 rubber technology that is best known for its dotty tread pattern.

This bike stuff ensures your feet are planted on the pedal even if you do jumps or ride through rock gardens when night riding. The toe box is even reinforced with premium urethane for added protection and results in higher confidence when out on trail rides. You won’t even have a hard time using your floor pump after rides because your feet won’t slip on the ground. You can buy this from many retailer sites.


  • The material it’s made of is of high quality and feels very solid and premium.
  • It is very stylish and aesthetic gear. You can even use it for casual wear. Plus, there are multiple colorways to choose from.
  • It doesn’t slide off your pedal. It feels like a clipless pedal.


  • The price is too high. But that’s not a surprise because Five Ten was just recently acquired by Adidas.
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POC Tectal Fabio Ed.

POC, Tectal Fabio Ed, X-Large/XX-Large, Uranium Black Matte/Gold

Give your bike buddy a helmet if you’ve got the cash to shell out! Not only do you make it safer for them. But you also help them look cool and stylish, just like a real mountain biker.

A good way to do just that is to buy the POC Tectal Fabio Edition helmet. This is a half-shell helmet designed for trail riding and light enduro.

But what sets this apart is that the famous Youtube sensation and enduro trial rider, Fabio Wibmer, plays a hand in designing this helmet. It’s a great gift idea for someone or anyone who is a fan of Fabio Wibmer. It features a RECCO reflector that makes you visible even in low-light conditions.

It even has a 360-degree strap adjustment system that includes an outer PC shell and EPS liner. This is one of the best mountain bike gifts and is supported with an Aramid fiber grid for added durability while protecting your front and back head section. You can even adjust its visor and head coverage with ease.


  • POC is known for minimalistic and classy designs. And the Tectal Fabio Edition is one of those.
  • It provides maximum protection for light to semi-aggressive trail riding.
  • This gear is so lightweight that any trail rider most likely forgets you’re wearing a helmet.


  • The price is just too much for a half-shell helmet.
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RaceFace Aeffect Pedal

RaceFace Aeffect Bike Pedal, Blue

The RaceFace Aeffect pedal is another nice option you can gift to all your biker friends and cyclists. This is one of the most popular and best-selling flat pedals in the market because of its control and design, making this one of the best gift ideas for those who are into mountain bikes or anyone who are into off-road.

There is a meager chance a mountain biker or cyclist will slip on this product because of its long pins and ideally shaped structure. It features a thin concave platform that supports better maneuverability and control. It also has a lower spindle length, saving weight and making it more playful on the trails.

This product also features a hex-threaded pin design inset that provides better bite and added security for cyclists. This is why it’s considered an editor’s choice of many bike gear review books and sites with affiliate commissions or affiliate marketing programs.

The body is made with premium aluminum and includes bottom-loading pins. The axle and the traction pins are also made from a chromyl set for ensured strength, which is just what a mountain biker needs.

This makes it ideal gifts for someone who is into cycling or for newbie mountain bikers.

Cyclists can even add more products such as a chain tool, multi-tools, Muc Off degreaser, or some kind of road cycling bib shorts along with the pedals.


  • You won’t slip on this one because it ensures your feet are planted to the pedals’ long pins.
  • It can take a harsh beating in the trails.


  • The available designs aren’t that nice. The styles are just too bland or lack any trendy colorways.
  • It feels a bit awkward for a because of the thin conclave shape especially if the mountain biker is new to flat pedals.
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Choose any of the best mountain biking gift items and products to buy your biker friends mentioned above in this gift guide. Everything is all made by the top mountain biking brands that ensure quality, reliability, and aesthetic value above anything else.

These characteristics are the foundation of mountain biking necessities. Just be sure that you know their riding style and personal preferences so you don’t end up disappointing them with these gifts for mountain bikers. Also, be creative and get something that they can use and help make the sport safer for them.

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