The Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Women

Last updated on October 15th, 2021 at 03:51 pm

Mountain biking isn’t just about the bike. It’s also about the gears and outfits you wear where you can make the most out of the sport. Of course, aside from the skills and passion needed.

This is why many consider mountain biking as an expensive sport because you need to buy mostly pricey bikes and gear. But that’s the reality, and this happens because they need to be made from high-quality materials to ensure safety and protection against accidents, knowing that mountain biking is a high-risk sport.

One of the most important gears you should have is mountain bike-specific shorts. And with the influx of new riders, specifically women, it makes sense to know what are the best mountain bike shorts for women.

Not only do these give the right fit for our lady riders out there, but they also protect in case they go over the bars and crash or hit something.

In this article, we’re going to show you the best mountain bike shorts for women you can choose from.

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Fox Racing Ranger

Fox Racing is one of the most popular, if not the most popular mountain bike gear clothing brand in the market. It’s the go-to choice of many riders because of its durability and style.

One such example of this is the Fox Racing Ranger for women. This is a great choice if you don’t want to compromise breathability and protection because it features both characteristics.

It features a removable liner that includes a dual-density chamois that makes it more comfortable for riders to sit on their saddle for hours in the end even if you have a backpack or you have a long adventure. It also has a stretchable ripstop fabric that improves your riding performance because your movements aren’t restricted.

This even has a waist adjustment system that has a goggle strap-inspired design. This ensures a perfect fit with high-quality materials. Another nice thing about this is the Fox’s TruDri waistband that wicks off water and moisture from your body that keeps you dry.


  • It is breathable and lightweight. You won’t feel warm even if you’re out on a hot sunny day with items on your back.
  • The design is sleek and stylish thanks to its low-profile design making this one of the best deals you can order. You can wear this on casual occasions.
  • This has a perfect fit for women’s thighs. It’s not too baggy.


  • Fox is known for its high price tags. This one is included in that list.

Troy Lee Designs Lilium

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Troy Lee Designs is another staple company brand when it comes to mountain biking gear such as knee pads and helmets. But they don’t just make great knee pads or protective gears. They also have biking clothes like trail shorts with innovative waist adjustments and a reasonable price point. Many even consider this as Fox Racing’s biggest competitor. But what sets TLD apart is that it focuses more on design and aesthetics.

Take for example the Troy lee Design Lilium, a women-specific mountain bike shorts that are made from a 4-way stretch woven fabric layer. This gives a nice fit for lady riders without restricting their movement and not being too baggy.

It has a removable liner and a waist adjustment belt loops system that makes it easy to wear and comfortable on long rides. It also has three pockets all having zippers, as well as a pocket for your phone.

The inside waistband is silicone-printed so it won’t leave marks. This works well with the snap closure zipper and articulated back hem pocket. There are six styles to choose from, each having its colorway and sizes. These are black, floral black, gold, petal, charcoal, and emerald. You can check out their site to learn more or get other picks.


  • It is one of the most stylish women’s mountain bike shorts out there.
  • The fit is also very nice as it adapts to the natural shape of a woman’s hips.
  • It is durable and won’t easily get scratched or torn even if you fall off your bike or hit your thighs.


  • The price is a bit too high for biking shorts.

Baleaf Cycling

Baleaf Cycling is what you might want if you’re looking for cross-country women’s mountain bike shorts.

These are lycra shorts that can also be worn for road cycling. It’s very stretchable and elastic and conforms to your natural shape because it is made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

It comes with two side pockets where you can place your phone, key, or some other thing. This also has a non-slip silicone gripper that prevents it from moving on its own.

It has a wide waistband shaped like an arc that improves comfort. This goes well with the flatlock stitching that gets rid of chafing. What’s best is the 3D gel padding that adds cushion, ideal for long rides, as well as numerous size options.


  • It is very breathable and won’t make you feel warm on long rides.
  • This is also very stretchable regardless of size and won’t get in the way of your legs when you’re pedaling, making this one of the best picks.


  • It can easily get torn or scratched if you fall off your bike.
  • The fabric is very thin. This isn’t recommended for trail rides.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline

Troy Lee Designs has another gem up its sleeves, and it’s the TLD Skyline. These women-specific mountain bike shorts feature a feminine liner design colorway that maintains a balance between performance and comfort.

It has TLD’s exclusive Bluesign fabric that ensures a stretchable fit yet protective layering, ideal for enduro and downhill riding.

The shorts easily wick off water and moisture and provides maximum freedom of movement regardless of your size. This is what you need if you want to be playful on the trails and do jumps, whips, and some other tricks in singletracks.

It also has Velcro waist adjusters which are embossed. This provides a fit and snug fit and allows you to adjust it easily. This is similar to the Wild Rye, but just more stylish and comfy. The Wild Rye Freel is nice if you are a customer who wants unique items. But if you want more race-proven brands with all rights reserved design. Then Troy Lee Design shorts is the pair you need.

This women’s mountain bike shorts also has a waistband made from silicone that prevents it from slipping down. Plus, you’ll find two zipper pockets. You can choose from the two designs available, which come in gray and mocha.


  • It looks very classy and elegant because of its low-profile liner design and earth colors.
  • The slim fit gives you that chic vibe, which many lady mountain bikers want.
  • You can wear this even if you’re not biking on the trails. It even looks nice even on casual occasions.


  • It feels a bit warm because of the amount of protection its thick fabric gives.

Catena Cycling

The Catena Cycling women-specific mountain bike shorts are another one you might want to consider. These cross-country cycling shorts are made from lycra material.

So, if you’re looking for one that gives you a good fit and will take the shape of your lowers, then this one is for you.

The material is soft, lightweight, and very stretchable, just what you need for long XC rides. You can even wear this for road cycling. It has a 3D cushion that protects you when riding long rides.

There are many design options to choose from as there are 13 variations. Aside from being mountain bike shorts, you can also wear this for running, jogging, Zumba, or any other sports activities.


  • It is very stretchable and flexible. This conforms to your legs and hips.
  • This is also very breathable and keeps you cool even if you’re cycling under the direct heat of the sun.


  • The quality of the material is a bit off. There are also no pockets.
  • It can easily be torn or get scratched if you fall off your bike or crash on something. This isn’t for aggressive trail rides.

100% Ridecamp

100% is another top mountain bike gear and apparel brand. It’s best known for its performance-focused products that protect riders in the trails while providing utmost protection.

One of their best-selling products is the 100% Ridecamp which is made specifically for women. This is a mountain biking shorts designed for enduro and downhill riding.

It is made from 100% polyester and a 2-way stretch twill fabric. This also has an adjustable snap waist closure, meaning it is easy for you to wear, also thanks to its thigh vents. You’ll find zipper pockets and also reflective tape for better visibility.

This piece of clothing is perfect for women mountain bikers who want to prioritize protection from the various elements in the trails instead of looking chic. There are three design choices available which come in black, gray, and navy blue. You can click the affiliate links here to avail of home delivery checkout.


  • It is very durable and can take a lot of beating. It doesn’t easily get damaged even if it scraped off something.
  • It provides maximum protection because of its long length that covers your knees.


  • The design is a bit off and isn’t so stylish. It looks boring.
  • It only comes in three designs and color options, black, gray, and navy blue.

Fox Racing Defend

Fox Racing has three product lines for its mountain bike apparel. These are FlexAir, Ranger, and Defend. FlexAir is made for breathability, while Ranger maintains a balance between breathability and protection. Then there is the Defend line which is made solely for protection.

That is where the Fox Racing Defend comes in. These women-specific bike shorts is ideal for riders who want to ensure the utmost protection when hitting downhill and enduro trails.

It is made from a durable stretch fabric that is made to protect your skin against scrapes or scratches if you accidentally fall off your bike.

These bike shorts even have a long inseam that provides mobility without compromising breathability. You’ll also find a ratchet closure system that gives you a secure fit and easy adjustment.

Secure-zip hand pockets

There are secure-zip hand side pockets and body-mapped laser perforated areas found at the front and back panel. This increases airflow and keeps you cool similar to the Zoic Navaeh.


  • It provides maximum access and coverage on your legs and keeps you protected when riding rough trails.
  • These bike shorts are very durable because they won’t easily get damaged even if you use them ruggedly in enduro and downhill trails.


  • The price tag is a bit high, which is unsurprising knowing that it’s from Fox Racing. In fact, its price is very similar to the Yeti Norrie 2.0 and Zoic Navaeh.


Choosing the best mountain biking shorts women’s and gear is important if you are a lady mountain biker who wants to ensure maximum comfort and protection. Unisex shorts are fine, but nothing beats the amount of flexibility and chic-vibe that women-specific shorts give.

Take note of the material, brand, design, and price tag, and make sure these fit your riding style and budget. Doing so and choosing the best mountain bike shorts for women would surely make you enjoy mountain biking even more.


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